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Judge Steve Russell Debunking George Soros ‘Machine’


I’ve posted the debunk on the Soros-voting machine nonsense three times and that should be enough. If you cared enough to do your own research, you would already know it’s not true.

This post to which I reply should not require research, since it contains stuff anybody who watches the news ought to know better than and a misrepresentation of Islam and a description of a criminal sentence that is outside the applicable law. That is, it can’t be true so the only live question is how false is it? I’m not sure I want to know, given the track record.

So I’m going to cut to the chase and ask whether I’m the only one in this conversation who has read any George Soros or observed what formed him as a human being and what he has done against his own financial interests and sometimes at the risk of his life?

The chief influence on his politics is having escaped from behind the Iron Curtain when it was a barrier in every sense of the word: physical, political, economic, philosophical. He came to despise totalitarianism and to understand that democracy is not a spectator sport.

He got though the London School of Economics on scholarships and grants from the Quakers.

His major intellectual contribution to the world is a theory called “reflexivity,” which is a very difficult study that lives at the intersection of the social sciences and theoretical physics. It was no accident that one of his hedge funds got named “Quasar.”

The only thing that keeps academics plugging at understanding reflexivity is his incredible successes.

I have in common with Soros that I went into the market to prove that my excellent liberal arts education would enable me to do as well as my bright students who were all gravitating toward the business school. I decided to put up or shut up and I did rather well referring to political science and history and never took a finance course.

Soros made his biggest fortunes (he’s made several) trading currency based on applying his theory to predict how the political movers would act based on stuff anybody can see on the news.

His most famous coup, the one that made him his first billion, was shorting the British pound.

One thing people seldom notice is that you will often find Soros stirring up opposition to political moves he has bet will happen. In that sense, he profits from the stupidity of others.

He has been convicted of insider trading one time, by a French court that re-opened a dead case from 14 years earlier and relied on evidence that would be laughed out of a US court. The French court finessed the unfairness issue by not doing much to him beyond the damage to his reputation.

Soros got to be known outside of financial circles when he went on a jihad against George W. Bush. His concerns were using the Clinton surplus for a tax cut when we should pay down debt, the danger that Bush would buy into the neocon plan for a second invasion of Iraq that Clinton had turned down, and the drastic erosion of civil liberties that he predicted in response to asymmetrical warfare AKA terrorism.

He lost those arguments. You won. How did that work out for you?

He is similarly alarmed by our American Mussolini, Mr. Trump. If you think this is wrong, you have not read many of Mussolini’s speeches.

He is totally freaked out about Trump’s suck up to Putin. His biggest giving of money after he got rich was to establish a network of “Open Society Foundations” in the countries that got their sovereignty back with the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Yes, he’s biased against Russia.

Yes, he recognizes globalization is a fact that no longer depends on decisions taken at the nation-state level. It’s become a fact of life wave that must be surfed. Now, who else believes that?

Hillary Clinton? Yes.

The US Chamber of Commerce? Yes.

The AFL-CIO? No.

The Republican Party establishment? Yes.

The Democratic Party establishment? Split.

The Saudi government? Only a young minority.

Bernie Sanders? The crusty old socialist can see what’s happening but believes it might be possible to pick the reins back up while in a runaway stagecoach. He’s wrong but he knows better than to destroy the country trying to prove he’s right.

The E.U.? Yes, and that would include the British establishment. The Brexit vote was a shocker but the result will hurt Britain more than it can hurt any transnational organization.

The Maastricht Treaty is a bad deal in the same way Obamacare is. A necessary step with some poison pills attached to it by opponents. Getting Maastricht right is the key to prevent a round three of the wars to limit German power.

China is a big problem that will take care of itself if and when it floats the Renminbi. Off which Soros will probably make a killing because he will see it coming.

Soros has been a reliable ally for democracy and an advocate for full engagement in the international structures that can prevent war.

If the League of Nations had gotten any daylight under its wheels, we would probably have been spared WWII. Preventing WWIII ought to be a much bigger deal that it is. Soros has his eye on that ball.

His track record is that he will profit from bad decisions while trying to stop those very decisions. This is something Trump claims but his track record shows nothing of the kind–he just laughs all the way to the bank.

Humor: The Borowitz Report

Borowitz Report

Nation Unsure It Can Tolerate Thirteen More Days of Rudy Giuliani



Photograph by Ty Wright / Getty

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—With thirteen days until his scheduled return to oblivion, many Americans are unsure if they can tolerate that much additional exposure to Rudy Giuliani, a leading psychologist said on Wednesday.

As millions of Americans actively count down the days until Giuliani disappears forever, thirteen more days of him “seems like a lifetime,” Davis Logsdon, a psychologist who has been studying the Giuliani ordeal, said.

“Americans’ traumatic experience of Rudy Giuliani in 2016 has gone through several phases,” Logsdon said. “First, they struggled to remember who he was. Then, once they remembered, they recoiled in horror. Finally, they began actively wishing he would go away forever. That is the phase many people find themselves in today.”

Even as they long for the day when Giuliani resumes his rightful place in obscurity, many Americans are experiencing feelings of anger and disbelief that he was permitted to crawl back into their consciousness to begin with, Logsdon said.

“Of the many inexcusable things that cable news has done this election, repeatedly subjecting Americans to Rudy Giuliani is at the top of the list,” he said. “The human cost has been enormous.”

As they struggle to endure the final thirteen days of Rudy Giuliani, Americans should not feel isolated or alone, Logsdon said. “They need to know that there are millions of people just like them, and even more who are unsure if they can stand another thirteen days of Kellyanne Conway,” he said.