For Posterity: Charles D. Hayes



Some of the collected thoughts of writer Charles D. Hayes:


The really scary thing about hard-right Christian fundamentalists is not just their fervent belief in a prophesized Apocalypse to come, but in their eagerness to help bring it about. In their view, it’s a vengeful comeuppance overdue nonbelievers.

This is why having Steve Bannon at the helm in the Trump Administration represents a clear and present danger to this country. Steve Bannon is bat-shit crazy.

So, we have a mentally unstable president and his chief adviser is an admitted apocalypticist and Trump supporters just want us to give these people a chance. If irony were water, we would all drown.

* * *

During the 2016 campaign, recall that Donald Trump said he was beholden to no one, he couldn’t be influenced by contributions, then why are his Cabinet appointees big campaign contributors?

Remember how he was going to hire only the very best people? Then, why does he appoint a Secretary of Education, who has demonstrated that she is clueless about the major philosophical issues facing public education? She is, however, a major contributor, so this is glaring proof of a Trump lie. 

Political propagandists advocate telling the same lies repeatedly, until they are accepted as truth. Trump says one thing and does another, so often, that any objective analysis shows clearly that he is the most dishonest person in the history of presidential politics and that’s really saying something.

We know that telling lies repeatedly convinces gullible citizens. So, in this case the best defense may be an overwhelming offense with the antidote to Donald Trump being an endless repetition of the truth.

Trump supporters need to be the target of an unrelenting barrage of facts, it may not breach their partisan gullibility, but it may impede their ability to promote a Kellyanne Conway version of reality.

* * *

Citizens who genuflect approval when executives earn hundreds of times more than workers, but who balk at raising the minimum wage have been rendered ethically incapacitated from having swallowed whole, the psychological power of hierarchical authority, overriding their own ability to offer judgments about ideas as morally intuitive as the concept of justice.

* * *

I’m confident I’m having an experience like millions of other folks as we keep trying to resume something akin to life before the election, but nothing is working. I keep going over and over the fact that this is unlike any election that anyone alive has ever experienced, since we now have a President of the United States who could not pass a citizenship test with an online tutorial. Every new day when you turn on a television or computer for the day’s news, it’s like listening for breaking glass. Each day you think, well we are still here, no nukes, no war, so far, not yet anyway, and still it doesn’t help all that much, because tomorrow is another day and a president with a serious personality disorder who is mentally unfit is like a fuse in search of a match.

The extreme right-wing ideologues that Trump surrounds himself with are despicable people with contemptible ideas, but for the most part we are relying on them, because they aren’t completely bat-shit crazy, so we must depend on them to keep the bull subdued, when in the china shop, or talking to China, or North Korea, or Iran, or Mexico. So, onward we cope, hoping it will get easier while not believing it for a minute.

* * *

I’ve read several posts lately in which conservatives have argued that liberalism is a mental disease. Just think, if only that were the case we could spread the germs and infect those who lack the common decency to support the need for universal healthcare.

Thank goodness for the pandemics in 1935, 1938, 1964, 1965 and the more recent one’s that have given us Social Security, Medicare, The Civil Rights Act, the 8-hour workday and overtime pay, the minimum wage, the GI Bill of Rights, The Clean Water Act, The Family and Medical Leave Act, The Consumer Protection Agency, The Rural Electrification Act, The Affordable Healthcare Act, and many other examples.

But, as I keep pointing out, that we have had service men and women die on the battlefield, only to have some members of their own family die from a lack of health insurance is only something that could occur in a society that is still very sick.

* * *

The 2016 election was unique, in that, our media, in effect, normalized the bizarrely abnormal by reporting a “this versus that” campaign, while giving billions of dollars of free air time to one candidate simply because of his hot button appeal—an appeal driven by racism, misogyny, ethnocentrism and the fear and insecurity of people facing an unjust economic future.

The press should have brought the full force of investigative journalism to bear on Donald Trump’s business practices, and his foreign debt, and they should have been insistent on him releasing his tax returns. One candidate experienced extreme vetting, one simply refused vetting. 

That our media helped to normalize the abnormal is unfortunately something that’s going to be very hard to fix because now the buffoon is in-charge and his abnormal behavior finally seems to be awakening the press to the monster they helped win the White House. But what is to be done now is an open question.

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