Charles Hayes: Looting at the Executive Level

Children in America


The emphasis on bringing back manufacturing jobs is good, but short sighted. Even, if this effort proved very successful, it would still not come close to fixing what is broken in America’s workplace. Automation, via robotics and digital app technology, means a future with an exponential decrease in traditional manufacturing jobs.

We are on track to experience a metaphorically dead middle class, unless, we can contrive a living wage economy, for all full-time employment. We have no shortage of things that need to be done in America. Things that really need to be accomplished, but that no one wants to pay for.

We hear a continuous incessant cry about the need for free markets, which, ignores the reality than nothing we do, is free. For example, we don’t pay the ecological tax that our busyness exacts on the environment. Costs that at some point future generations are going to have to pay for in a reduction in quality of life.

The problem, is that until we stop the looting at the top tiers in our economy, we can’t allot equity, at the foundation level. When it comes to fair compensation, we are like the frog in a pot of water on a hot stove that boils before realizing it should have jumped out when the water was still warm.

We have gone from living wages at a minimum wage and reasonable compensation for executive pay, to blatant inequality for minimum wages and outright open looting at the executive level. In a sane and just society, this is simply untenable and in the long term unacceptable.

The financialization of our economy long ago severed the link with which labor keeps pace with productivity via compensation. This is not rocket science, but for America’s future, it’s just as important.

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