Charles D. Hayes: Trump, a Clear and Present Danger

The Trump effect

By any reasoned study of the daily antics of President-elect Donald Trump, one must be willfully blind, not to realize that he represents a clear and present danger to the future welfare of the United States and quite possibly the world.

A bull in a china-shop may be an understated analogy. Trump lives in a preferred reality, whose sole context is the preservation of his ego. Better to deny Russian hacking than hint that it might have helped him win the election.

Trump turns every issue he is involved in into a contest of ego preening and when challenged, or criticized, there are no limits to his efforts to save face.

Trump reacts to any sort of criticism with rhetoric that has a “baby, baby, suck you thumb, don’t forget your bubble gum” childish ring to it.

It’s also crystal clear that those of us who have hoped that Trump would wake up and grow up that we have been expecting something that’s not going to happen.

It’s widely reported that Trump is in so far over his head that those close to him have discovered that he seems mostly influenced by the last person he talked to, which has his staff jockeying for position.

Those who speak for Trump spin his preferred reality into a coarse wool for the eyes of his true believers. Although, I hit mute when Kellyanne Conway appears on my television I have closed caption and I have yet to witness her answer a question, as asked.

So, it’s going to be nothing but lies from here to the end. Moreover, Mike Pence may be the most disingenuous individual we’ve ever had to hold the office of vice president.

Pence is so pliably scripted that he deserves a part as an android in the second season of Westworld. If Trump denied gravity, Pence would explain how liberals were the pressure keeping him grounded.

We are truly in uncharted waters. Michelle Obama said it best, “This is not normal.” Trump hasn’t even assumed the presidency yet and I suspect many of us are beginning to experience what will be declared psychologically as something akin to post traumatic news disorder.

Trump turns mole hills into mountains simply for the attention he gets which means everything he involves himself in has the potential to end badly.

By no stretch of imagination can I see a Trump presidency lasting four years. He is too reckless, too self-absorbed, too confrontational, and too undisciplined.

At some point, I suspect, if the GOP can sustain anything we might deem in the vicinity of objectivity, an intervention, maybe even impeachment, will be in order, to save us from the same kind of incompetence that led to serial bankruptcies and a string of business failures. Remember, we didn’t get to see the tax returns.

And to think, that we almost elected the most qualified candidate in history, but for problems with gender, email, and having been the subject of the longest running accusation campaign in political history, with help, even from Vladimir Putin.

Make no mistake, if Hillary had won under these exact conditions, this election would be in court for a do over.

Just think though, by the time this farcical circus is over those of us who are paying attention will all have graduate degrees from Trump University, as if we couldn’t all test out now.


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