Judge Steve Russell: You Bought It, We Own It (So STFU)





I hope you third party voters are having more fun at Hogwarts than we are back here.

Last time you turned an election, the difference was:

1. Gore would have gotten us into the climate change fight back when there was still a chance to avoid the worst of it.

2. Gore would have used the Clinton surplus to take the Social Security trust fund out of the budget calculations as a current asset–what he meant in the debate when he said “put Social Security in a lock box.” Of course, the Bush tax cuts would not have happened and so the national debt would be a lot less.

3. Gore was VP when Clinton turned down the neocon plan to go “finish the job” in Iraq, so he probably would have demurred. If he did go, he would not have gone off-budget. Another reason the national debt would be a lot less.

So, earlier in the week Trump put a climate change denier in charge of the EPA.

Today, he picked a guy to head the Labor Department who opposes any federal minimum wage and so opposes raising the one we have and who was on a jihad against Obama’s revision of the overtime rules to expand the number of employees who qualify for overtime when they work over 40 hours a week.

So, the push to raise the minimum wage is history and the argument between Clinton and Sanders about how much the raise should be is moot. And non-union workers can kiss their overtime goodbye.

And he is stacking his national security bureaucracy with people who want to expand the war on terror to make it a war on all of Islam—the Islamic State’s wet dream.

I quit the Democrats and I do not regret it because they are bought and I’m tired of the ambient sleaze. However, as an Independent I’ll vote for the best candidate who has a chance of winning.

If you don’t have the juice to take over the Democratic Party like the Tea Party did the Republican Party, then you don’t have the juice to take over the country.

This year has been even worse for pissing away your vote on a third party, because at least Ralph Nader was qualified to be POTUS. Stein is not. I thought Johnson was until I heard him try to discuss foreign affairs. He made Sarah Palin sound like Secretary of State material.

So we had a choice between two corrupt candidates. One was the most qualified candidate I’ve ever seen nominated by either party and one was the least qualified.

I’m not talking about policy disagreements. I’m talking about whether they have the skills to drive the goddam bus, not whether I agree with the destination.

But, as I set out at the beginning of this rant, Trump is pushing every policy choice in the wrong direction. He’s also promised that all of his SCOTUS nominees will be “pro-life,” which creates better than even odds that in his first term the votes will be there to reverse Roe v. Wade and the gay rights revolution will be stopped in its tracks.

And just in case you were going to just tune out of politics and light a joint, I forgot to mention that Trump has nominated an Attorney General who has been harshly critical of the failure of the Justice Department to use federal power against the states that have been decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana.

Weed is now legal for some purposes in over half the states but the federal law controls and Trump is putting somebody in charge who will use federal law to keep up the fiction that marijuana is as dangerous as methamphetamine.

That we’ve come to this pass is not the fault of third party voters alone and that’s not what I’m claiming.

I’m just saying that I don’t what to hear you telling me that there are not policy differences between the two corrupt major parties and therefore it’s OK to vote third party or stay home on election day because that choice of cancer or polio means nothing to the average person.

To that argument, I want to say STFU.


5 responses to “Judge Steve Russell: You Bought It, We Own It (So STFU)

  1. Well spoken. I was so sure Trump could not possibly get elected, I toyed with the idea of Stein – mostly for climate change reasons, but the horror of a Trump presidency forced me to vote for “the lesser of two evils.” Wall Street or not, Clinton was the best qualified to run the country. Sixty-two million people decided to set us back eighty years by putting that egomaniac in charge. I wake up every morning in despair and spend an hour in meditation just to start my day. I am hoping for someone to step up and lead the sixty-five million of us into a movement that is behind a shadow government in order to keep him from completely destroying the democracy that was once the United States of America.

  2. We have to continue to remember that we are the majority.
    (Note to blog administrator. Please consider adding me to your blog roll.
    The Old Liberal )

  3. Since Clinton actually won the popular vote, attemoting to blame third party voters is an exercise in denial. The fact of the matter is that Clinton lost because she made poor decisions. Bernie’s campaign workers, still reeling from the DNC’s abject betrayal, still tried to help, tried to keep the presidency out of Trump’s hands. Hillary’s people didn’t want to hear anything. They were so arrogant, so dismissive, so insulting and condescending towards Bernie and his supporters. Bernie kept trying to tell her she was ignoring the very people she needed to listen to. She didn’t want to hear it. She concentrated on closed door multi-million dollar fundraisers instead. Those people she chose to ignore are the very people who, in frustration, voted for Trump. STFU indeed. Clinton was the architect of her own loss.

  4. loomiswebb. You are correct that Clinton won the popular vote. However, I ask you to consider this. The margin of victory for Trump Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan was LESS than the vote for Jill Stein. Had the Jill Stein voters decided to swallow their pride and vote for the experienced, liberal candidate (Clinton) we would not be facing four years of the anti-woman, anti-black, anti foreigner, anti-environment administration. The numbers are clear.

  5. Please notice you are not differing with what i intended to say but what I expressly disclaimed in the third paragraph from the bottom. When an election is this close it’s possible to make a credible argument about causation from either side over just about any decision point. It’s not useful to harp on Clinton’s flaws as a candidate at this point but I’m saying it’s even less useful to justify dissing how the system works with the spurious claim that there’s no difference between a Dem and a Repug. For the record, I was a sustaining member of the Democratic Party for many years and might still be had I not decided when the Blue Dogs failed to support Obama’s program that I’m too old for this shit and I don’t have enough money to see a dime of it going to reelect those quislings. This election, I sent money to three candidates: Bernie, Russ Feingold, and Tammy Duckworth. Two of three lost but they were all worth the limited investment I was able to make.

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