LUV News: Scalia and Fascism

I have long thought that one of the most pathetic of the butt-kissing fascists who head our government is Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  Scalia’s father founded the American Fascist Party in 1934 and, Alan Dershowitz has asserted, sent his son Antonin to military school where they had to pledge allegiance to Mussolini.  From his Supreme Court votes I find it difficult to believe he’s not still pledging allegiance to Mussolini.

As for Mussolini himself, he hated the word fascism, preferring to call it corporate capitalism, the thing we have in the Land of the Free where Scalia can kneel and kiss corporate butt year in and year out from the bench to demonstrate his devotion to fascism.

One should note that Bush family patriarch Prescott Bush was also a member of the American Fascist Party and was one of Hitler’s enablers.  Descendent Jeb appears to be running for the next Bush/Clinton presidential turn, pending a decision by the ruling Forces of Greed and their bribery network.  Fascism (now called corporate capitalism) has been popular with those who run America on behalf of the wealthy of the world.

Scalia doesn’t have a clue what’s in the Constitution, as I’ve pointed out before, although he’s perfectly willing to rule on what it means.  Scalia simply makes things up about what’s in the Constitution to suit his fascist yearnings.  One almost expects him to interpret that the Constitution requires everyone to exhibit a swastika on their sleeve.  

It’s not just that I disagree with his interpretations– he either doesn’t understand basic English, or is a very poor liar.  When he says the Constitution doesn’t forbid torture, it is obvious he doesn’t grasp the meaning of Article VI, which is very clear, let alone the 8th Amendment, which also wastes no words. 

A fascist like Scalia, who condones torture, makes me ashamed to be of the same species.  I would like to see us create a new classification for psychopaths like Scalia, George “I knew nothing” Bush, Dick “I would do it again” Cheney and other supporters of torture, so I would suggest the species “homo nazi.” —Jack Balkwill


Justice Antonin Scalia Is a Publicity-Seeking Intellectual Midget

 by Dave Lindorff

Sometimes you really don’t need to write much to do an article on something. Writing about the inanity of Justice Antonin Scalia, the ethics-challenged, lard-bottomed, right-wing anchor of the Supreme Court, is one of those times.

Scalia just weighed in on the CIA torture issue in an interview for a Swiss broadcast network, saying that he didn’t think there was anything in the US Constitution that would prohibit torture under all circumstances, and positing a situation — a suspect with knowledge about a hidden nuke to be detonated in Los Angeles — that he suggested would make torture an acceptable tactic.

First of all, if Scalia can say “I don’t know what article of the Constitution” would “contravene” harsh treatment of suspected terrorists, he is either terminally ignorant, or has figured out some talmudic-like gymnastic reasoning to allow him to argue that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on “cruel and unusual” punishment doesn’t apply to torture. Perhaps he thinks that punishment can only refer to what is meted out to a person after conviction, but as he surely knows, for literally centuries the court has been clear that the treatment of suspects is also covered by that ban. Furthermore, the Founders Scalia claims to have such respect for, clearly had in mind the abuses British colonial forces visited upon arrested and detained colonists when they wrote that ban into the Bill of Rights.

But beyond that, the argument about a suspect who knew about a hidden nuke, or an Anthrax or Small Pox bomb, which is hardly an original idea of Scalia’s, has always been silly. Establishing that torture is always illegal, and that its perpetrators are committing a heinous crime, would never stop some cop or FBI agent or CIA agent from torturing such a suspect if he or she thought it could produce the information needed to find and prevent such a bomb. Who would think about future punishment in such a crisis?

Nobody. And if such a situation came to pass, and the bomb was found and disarmed, no one would ever prosecute whoever came up with the information that saved the day. So it’s not a valid argument against an absolute ban on torture at all.

What should be banned is idiots, jerks and self-aggrandizing ideologues like Scalia on the High Court — especially ones who are happy to accept gifts from people who have cases pending before the court.


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