LUV News: Torture Tech


The CIA is making an all-out attack on the torture report released yesterday, despite the fact that the Congress and top officials of the Executive branch have approved of the release.  These sons of bitches at the CIA need to be reined in, they are not supposed to run the government.

Harry Truman said, when he created it with the National Security Act of 1947 that if he thought the CIA would one day spy on Americans he would never have approved it.  Well Harry, they not only spied on Americans, but they recently spied on the Senate, and you made a big mistake.

John Kennedy privately told friends, more than one so it’s corroborated, that he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” after he was reelected, he was so pissed off about the way they ignored the elected officials who are supposed to be running the country.  Of course, Kennedy ran into a bullet before he got to the election and no president since has raised a peep (from everything we see, Obama tried to deep six the torture report but couldn’t convince the Senate, so instead suggested massive redactions).

Watching the corporate media talking heads quote CIA officials all day yesterday my blood pressure climbed to dangerous levels, but I couldn’t turn off the TV, I know many LUV News readers don’t watch it, but I feel I must for LUV News, because this is how the American public are influenced.  Corporate media did this knowing that top CIA officials lied to the President and the Congress, allowing similar lies to be repeated over and over again to the American masses throughout the day, continuing I see, this morning on all “news” channels.

The Senate should be commended for releasing the report, and the CIA should be scattered to a thousand points of the wind, with functions put back under the State Department as it used to be before we started to routinely knock off democracies and replace them with corporate-friendly fascists.  It is now dangerously out of control and is a threat to what little democracy remains in the land.  —Jack Balkwill


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