National Priorities: The Budget in Graphs

President’s 2015 Budget in Pictures

By Jasmine Tucker 

Chart assistance by Daniel Gautreau

Discretionary Spending

This is how discretionary spending, above, fits into the overall federal budget. As you can see, discretionary spending is less than a third of all federal spending. Sixty-five percent of spending, or $2.6 trillion, falls under the mandatory spending category. Mandatory spending refers to spending for earned-benefit programs like Medicare and Social Security. The remaining 6 percent of the federal budget, or $252 billion, will go towards interest on the federal debt.

Mandatory Spending

Note: While there is some mandatory spending that occurs in categories beyond the five that are shown in this chart, they are so small that together they account for less than 1 percent of the total and have been omitted.

Total Spending

MIlitary and Non-Military Discretionary Spending

This chart shows how funding for military and non-military discretionary spending has changed over time. Military spending accounts for 55 percent of the president’s 2015 discretionary budget proposal, while non-military spending accounts for 45 percent.

Federal Spending and Revenue as a Share of GDP

Individual and Corporate Income Taxes as Percent of Total Federal Revenue

This chart shows how tax revenue from individuals and corporations has changed over time. Individual income taxes will account for 46 percent of total tax revenue in 2015, while corporations will contribute 13.5 percent. Other federal revenue will come from payroll taxes, as well as customs and excise taxes.

Total Tax Revenue

Annual Budget Deficit or Surplus as a Share of the Economy


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