Jack Balkwill and LUV News

NetNeutrality“The National Security Agency won’t deny that it may be spying on members of Congress, informing Sen. Bernie Sanders that the agency can’t tell him whether it snooped on his metadata because searching to find out would be illegal,” begins a report from Common Dreams this morning.

Okay, let’s review. We have a representative democracy, or republic, run by elected officials. But the elected officials are not allowed to know what the government is doing, and may be under surveillance by said government even as they sit in ignorance. Is this a great country or what?

When I started LUV News fifteen years ago, I often predicted that the ruling Forces of Greed (FOG) would eventually try to shut down the internet. It is clearly a hole in the system. The FOG control TV, nearly all of radio except for a few radical indies unknown to most of the population, all of the high circulation daily newspapers, most of the publishing houses, and all of the cable companies. This has been increasingly concentrated over the past 30 years.

I remember about 1983 reading Ben Bagdikian’s The Media Monopoly, which then listed about 59 companies that owned most of the mass media.  Each subsequent edition listed fewer companies, so that 59 companies became 29 companies until Bill Clinton deregulated communications and the number dropped to a stifling half dozen.

These companies control what Americans are exposed to, including definitions in dictionaries which favor rule by the FOG. They do not cover Green Party candidates. There are no leftist TV networks allowed on television. Only the capitalist viewpoint is allowed and comments about socialism are restricted to either ridicule or condemnation in mainstream press.

As capitalism takes the only course it can when free of rules, as in our system, and wealth is heavily concentrated, the ruling FOG fear more than ever that information will somehow get to the public. Their attention is now on the internet, the hole in the system they don’t entirely control, even though the government has given them the right to make it into the most inefficient internet in the industrialized world for the sake of extracting as much profit from it as is possible.  Ask someone from another country who’s visited the USA and they will likely tell you their internet is much faster.

This act by the ruling FOG, to get rid of net neutrality, is one of the most important issues to those hungry for freedom and democracy, since it is the last easy way for activists to communicate and battle for an outbreak of democracy.  The ruling FOG want an ignorant population, and they will do whatever they can to ensure it remains ignorant. —Jack Balkwill

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One response to “Jack Balkwill and LUV News

  1. This man is 100% correct….

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