Mario Piperni on Chris Christie

Chris Christie’s March to the White House Begins

NOVEMBER 6, 2013 BY  

Chris Christie - The Savior   :

It’s official, sort of. Chris Christie launched his presidential campaign after winning big last night in New Jersey. In a victory speech reminiscent of the one he gave at CPAC last year, it was all about how great and wonderful Chris Christie truly is and he left little doubt that he’s making a run for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I know that if we can do this in Trenton, N.J., maybe the folks in Washington, D.C., should tune in their TVs right now and see how it’s done,” he said to an eruption of cheers from supporters.

“Tonight, a dispirited America, angry with their dysfunctional government in Washington, looks to New Jersey to say ‘Is what I think happening really happening? Are people really coming together?’”

It should be fun watching the bully tangle with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who has already taken a shot at Christie.

“I think the Republican Party is a big party, and we need moderates like Chris Christie who can win in New Jersey,” Paul told CNN host Wolf Blitzer. “What that means about the national party, I’m not sure there’s an answer. But we do need moderates like Chris Christie in the party.”

In today’s Republican party, there is no greater insult than being referred to as a “moderate.” It’s the equivalent of saying that a Republican believes in global warming, marriage equality, a woman’s right to choose, stricter gun laws, accessible health care for all, evolution and that the earth is older than 6000 years. You might as well say the guy is gay and be done with it.

The Republican presidential primaries will be a spectacle beyond anything we’ve witnessed before – an epic battle between the establishment wing of the GOP (Christie in the maroon colored shorts) and the Tea Party crazies (Cruz and Paul in the red shorts) ripping the party from the inside out. How beautiful is that?

Let the games begin.


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2 responses to “Mario Piperni on Chris Christie

  1. He’s a bully and a pig. Type A personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered a heart attack or a stroke on his way to the White House.

  2. It is dangerous to think of Christie as moderate. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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