Mario Piperni on Libertarians

Where Are The Female Libertarians?

NOVEMBER 1, 2013 BY  

There might be some truth to this.

Quote-of-the-Day - tbogg --Libertarian  :

The numbers on Libertarians in America:

According to a newly developed Libertarian Orientation Scale, less than 1-in-10 (7%) Americans are consistent libertarians, and an additional 15% lean libertarian…

Nearly all libertarians are non-Hispanic whites (94%), more than two-thirds (68%) are men, and more than 6-in-10 (62%) are under the age of 50.

The party affiliation of libertarians skews significantly more Republican than Democratic. Close to half (45%) of libertarians identify as Republican, compared to only 5% who identify as Democrat. However, half of libertarians identify as politically independent (35%) or identify with a third political party (15%), including roughly 1-in-10 (8%) who identify with the Libertarian Party. Roughly 4-in-10 (39%) libertarians identify as part of the Tea Party movement, while 61% do not.

Libertarians make up a smaller proportion of the Republican Party than other key conservative groups.  Only 12% of self-identified Republicans are libertarians, compared to 20% of Republicans who identify with the Tea Party, 33% who identify with the religious right or conservative Christian movement, and 37% who identify as white evangelical Protestant.

Nora Caplan-Bricker has an interesting piece on why she believes there aren’t more female Libertarians. My own thoughts are that it’s for the same reasons that male sociopaths far outnumber female sociopaths. Men, in general, do callousness and lack of empathy to a far greater degree than women.  That and the fact that women tend to be smarter and emotionally more mature than men and therefore less prone as to fall for an ideology as unworkable as Libertarianism.


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