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Ted Cruz Reads a Bedtime Story

SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 BY  

Ted Cruz - Green Eggs and Sham   :

Sheesh. How embarrassing.

Former New York Republican Sen. Al D’Amato once sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” on the Senate floor. Current Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz may have topped that infamous feat by reading Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs And Ham during his symbolic filibuster in the world’s greatest deliberative body Tuesday night.

It wasn’t the first time Cruz mentioned the Dr. Seuss classic in his bid to stall a bill that would defund Obamacare, a law that Cruz opposes. Earlier, he said his father, Rafael, invented the dish green eggs and ham.

The title in my illustration would have been a more fitting title for any book Cruz read on the Senate floor. Comments are open to any Dr. Seuss-type verse describing Mr. Cruz and his grandstanding.


From my twitter feed:

Ted Cruz read from Atlas Shrugged and Green Eggs & Ham. One’s a nonsensical fairy tale. The other’s a children’s book


Elephant image is a royalty-free clipart by Fresh Doodles.

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