Mario Piperni on Ted Cruz

McCain on Cruz

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 BY  

Ted Cruz and Tea Party Politics  :

What does John McCain think of Ted Cruz?

“He fucking hates Cruz.”

That’s a quote from a McCain adviser in an interesting piece on Cruz in GQ.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the prospect of watching an arrogant, self-obsessed politician crash and burn as much as I do with Cruz. Teabaggers might love this walking time bomb but he’s ticked off too many of his fellow Republicans to believe that he’ll ever win his party’s presidential nomination. After all, even a political party as decrepit and dysfunctional as the GOP has a limit on how much abuse they’re willing to take from their political leaders.


The Ted Cruz source photograph is a Creative Commons licensed image from photographer Gage Skidmore.

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One response to “Mario Piperni on Ted Cruz

  1. Senator Cruz is the poster boy for what has gone wrong with the Republican (teapublican) Party. As a proud Democrat I fear for the Grand Old Party because our country must have a viable two party system and I do not want them to go the way of the Whig or No Nothing Parties. They have become the “Country Last Republicans.”

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