Mario Piperni on Repug Anarchy

Republicans – The New Asses of Anarchy

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 BY  

Republicans - Asses of Anarchy   :

A government shutdown looms ahead as Republicans in both the House and Senate remain adamant in not allowing any legislation through without a ‘defund ObamaCare’ amendment attached to the bill.  Mitch McConnell summed up the GOP’s game plan.

“Let’s delay ObamaCare mandates for families right now. Then let’s work together to repeal the bill.”

Harry Reid, doing what Harry does best, voices his outrage.

“… the anarchists have taken over. They’ve taken over the House and now they’ve taken over the Senate.

“People who don’t believe in government — and that’s what the Tea Party is all about — are winning, and that’s a shame.”

I’m not sure they’re winning but yes, at this point it’s all about Republicans creating as much chaos and confusion as they can without a hint of compromise or forethought as to the consequence of their deeds. Deep-seated madness does that to people – especially anarchists and tea party fascists.


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One response to “Mario Piperni on Repug Anarchy

  1. and they keep calling it a bill, not law.

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