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What Would Thomas Jefferson Say About Today’s Education System?

AUGUST 27, 2013 BY  

Thomas Jefferson quote  :

John Liming takes on more conservative bullshit. Enjoy.


A Rightie I ran into asked me this question, “How do you think Thomas Jefferson would have viewed our educational system as it is today?

In talking at some length with this “Conservative” it occurred to me that his thrust was going to be that old Tom would have disapproved of the way Public Education is run today.

The Rightie’s argument soon turned into the proposition that the Fed and the State should have no part in education at all but that it is something that should be done strictly by parents at home or by small independent school districts where anyone would be free to teach anything they wanted to teach  regardless of whether it might be right or wrong  religious or secular  but hopefully religious!”

My immediate thought on hearing this from the rightie was, “Yeah . . let the dumb teach so that the kids can aspire to their level of inefficiency and insufficiency and rise to the level of whoever is doing the teaching.  Or  yes, let the blind lead the blind. Privatize all education so that a million different ideas of how things are or are supposed to be  most of them in conflict with one another  can be the end result of such a disorganized and scatter-brained educational system.  Great f**king idea, there rightie!”

What do I think old Thomas Jefferson would think of our educational system as it is today?

I think old Thomas Jefferson would be so bewildered and confused by all the sights, scents and sounds of the modern world that he would be totally addle-brained in no time at all and would have nothing to say about it that makes any sense for the simple reason that I don’t think he would understand any of it.  Time has moved on since his era and the complexity of things has increased exponentially since he was a prominent figure  He and his ideas about education would be totally archaic and out of touch.  That is what I think Thomas Jefferson would think of our education system  he wouldn’t think about it because he wouldn’t know how to think about it.

He probably wouldn’t be able to operate a computer, drive a car or boil water on an electric stove either — until he underwent a little post-graduate work of his own, I would suspect.  I think he might view the common telephone as demon-possessed and the flush toilet as noisy, inconvenient and possibly dangerous —  for the first few months of his resurrection anyway.

My God!  I just realized that I have just now described quite a few Righties!


It doesn’t matter anyway what he would have thought of it because I don’t think America is dumb enough to let the right-turds regress the educational system back to the stone ages for the sake of some neanderthalithic  prehistoric right-assed principle.

The right-wad asked; I answered.

-John Liming

(John publishes the American Liberal Times)


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