Mario Piperni on Reince Penis

Revisiting Romney’s Etch a Sketch With Reince Priebus

AUGUST 19, 2013 BY  

Romney Etch A Sketch Moment   :

You shake an Etch-a-Sketch, Reince, not “tilt” it.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday brushed off criticism of the organization’s debate ultimatum from a former senior advisor to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

“This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked Priebus to respond to Eric Fehrnstrom’s tweet, which said it was “bad optics” for the party and a “loser’s game” to ban CNN and NBC from partnering with the RNC for 2016 presidential debates over pending film projects about Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I don’t know if his Etch a Sketch is on tilt, George,” Priebus said. “I’m not really taking advice from Eric Fehrnstrom right now.”

The remark referenced Fehrnstrom’s memorable comment on the 2012 campaign trail that seemed to imply Romney would change his position on key issues as need be to get elected.

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign,” Fehrnstrom said. “Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch-A-Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

Yeah, sure…whatever and who cares.  The more important question here is: did the RNC fire Michael Steele for a bozo named Reince Priebus and think they got themselves a better operation? If so, they’re mistaken. I was never a fan of Steele and some of the idiotic stuff he’d say but you did get the impression that Steele was a decent guy who never really believed most of what he said. He was the GOP’s mouthpiece and he said what he had to say in his role as RNC chair.

Reince Priebus, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. There is something distinctly slimy about the man that takes in his name, his appearance and the very words he uses to sell the GOP’s latest sack of lies and deception. Priebus’ post election speech about the GOP’s need to reach out to women and minorities was promising but ended up amounting to zilch once the Tea Party growled its disapproval.

Priebus can mock Fehrnstrom and his Etch-a-Sketch moment all he wants but his refusal to air primary debates on CNN and NBC will harm no one but a political party that desperately needs the votes of women, young people and minorities if it’s to ever have a chance of winning back the White House.

And for what it’s worth, if you remove all of the vowels from Reince Priebus’ name, you’re left with: RNC PR BS


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