Mario Piperni on Baggers, Wingers, and Birthers


AUGUST 12, 2013 BY  

Republican_Penny-2    :

The crazy in Wingnuttia is running deep.

Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold was conducting a townhall meeting in Luling, Texas two days ago, when a loon asked him if the congressman was ready to support a motion to impeach Barack Obama on the grounds that the President had committed birther fraud was black. Farenthold responds and in the process does the party of bigots and idiots proud.


As Steve Benen points out, what is extraordinary here is that the Republican congressman makes no attempt to justify why it is he wishes to impeach President Obama. It appears that when addressing BWBs (baggers, wingers and birthers), simply stating that you want to impeach the President is enough to satisfy that crowd of bloodthirsty crazies. No valid cause for impeachment required. Say that you want to do bad things to Obama and you’re guaranteed that the crowd goes home happy.

The following YouTube comment on Blake Farenthold made from someone who goes by the handle, dayglowgreendoor , made me laugh. Yes, I know that stereotyping in a bad thing, but I laughed anyway. Sorry.

Dang this jegglee govarnment feller be dangt sexay & purdee jest likes Al-Rushboo. It be makin my hart beet reel hard cuz this feller so dang sexay & purdee. Usns WHITE POWER jegglee fellers gots to make this heer feller a porsiton in the WHITE POWER HOUSE when Glens Bekk & Al-Rushboo gets preserdentin whens Obammer gits embpeecht fer bein a sochallest birtht Afrackan & stupit like a dangt moran. WHITE POWER FELLERS FER WHITE POWER FELLERS!! EMBPEECH OBAMMER! USA USA USA WHITE POWER

Most worrisome thought concerning the above comment is that I actually understand it all. Hmmm…


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