Mario Piperni on Faux News and Bigfoot

Titans of Intellect Meet Up at Fox – Bigfoot and Kilmeade

AUGUST 1, 2013 BY 

Fox & Friends - Stupid  :

Most people who have spent any time at all watching Fox and Friends are aware that there is but a single word required to describe co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Stupid…as in really, really stupid.

They don’t get much dumber than Kilmeade but I never really understood the extent of his stupidity until watching the clip below. In it, Kilmeade professes his belief in Bigfoot and then, sounding every bit like a 7-year-old child hanging on to his belief in Santa Clause and the Easter Rabbit, has this bit of scholarly dialogue with a Bigfoot expert.

Kilmeade: “So, here’s my thing, doctor. What is Bigfoot afraid of? Have they heard bad things about humans? Why does he keep running? Why wouldn’t he come out and greet us?”

Bigfoot Expert: “As any wild animal, it usually avoids human contact. Those that don’t are either domesticated are on the verge of extinction. So, this very rare animal is adapted to reclusive, evasive types of behavior that avoid human contact.”

Kilmeade: “Well, if I see him, I’m going to tell him we’re friendly, not to be feared.”

If those words were spoken by anyone else, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and take it that they were being sarcastic and having a bit of fun with their guest. Not so with Kilmeade. The man really is that dumb.


As noted by a C&L reader, here’s what you need to wonder about: How is it that idiots on the right like Kilmeade have no problem believing in the existence of Bigfoot but refuse to accept the scientifically-backed fact that global warming is real.


But hey, while you try to figure that one out, you can take comfort in knowing that when Brian Kilmeade finally meets up with Bigfoot, he’ll be letting Sasquatch know that he has nothing to fear but fear itself.

BTW, here’s the scoop on the video that has Kilmeade convinced that Bigfoot is roaming the Canadian Rockies.

The website Death and Taxes pointed out that the video featured in the Fox News broadcast had been uploaded by a software company that created an iPhone app that uses augmented reality to add “Bigfoot” to smartphone videos in real time.

No one tell Brian, okay? It would also be nice if you didn’t say anything about Santa and the Easter Rabbit.



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