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Guns and Water-Pistols

JULY 17, 2013 BY  

Gun-Death-Statistics-Poster   :

The numbers above relate to gun homicides. The total gun-related deaths in the U.S. – which include homicides, accidental and suicides – was a staggering 32,163 in 2011. No other civilized country on the planet comes even close to that number. And yet, the crazy people still feel justified to make statements like this one from Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt:

“I think we have to push back in whatever smart way we can do to make sure that kids see, yeah having a gun is just as much fun as you thought it was when you were shooting your buddy with a water pistol yesterday.”

I don’t know how one responds to thinking of that sort. Obviously, no statistic or appeal to reason will ever convince Mr. Pratt that he’s a sick, sick fuck for wanting to sell children on the idea that owning a gun can be compared in any way to playing with a water pistol. It must take a deeply disturbed mind and special kind of depravity to not see the danger in trying to convince kids that guns are toys.

It’s been a mere seven months since 20 six-year-olds got shot down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. It wasn’t water from a water pistol that killed those babies. And there was no laughter when shards of cold metal fired from a real gun penetrated their tiny bodies.

For every gun nut and sociopath of the Larry Pratt, Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre variety working feverishly to stop gun violence legislation…fuck you all, you depraved cretins.

And for everyone else who understands that sensible gun laws are the only way to bring down those horrific numbers, keep up the good fight and know that common sense will eventually prevail.

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One response to “Mario Piperni on Guns

  1. I sure hope that common sense will prevail someday but it’s a damn shame that so many lives will be lost and have been lost in the mean time.

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