Mario Piperni on Repug Rot

The Rotting Carcass of Republican Politics

JULY 11, 2013 BY 

Republican Rotting Carcass    :

A sampling of the madness that has now become the norm.

The sequester:

The effects of the truly stupid sequestration policy on the Pentagon are already apparent: 680,000 Pentagon employees have received furlough notices and are taking a steep pay cut over the summer, all because of a policy that was designed to hurt the country on purpose, which Congress won’t turn off.

Congress could turn the sequester off, helping these military personnel, the economy, children in Head Start centers, the federal courts, and even efforts to combat wildfires. But so far, Republican lawmakers have refused to even consider stopping the policy or finding a compromise to replace it.

Teahadist babbling on creating a theocracy:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Tuesday said President Obama is “intolerant” of Christians in the military after the White House voiced opposition to a National Defense Authorization Act amendment expanding protections for religious actions and speech.

The amendment to the defense spending bill would restrict how military officers could address proselytizing and other religious statements by troops. But the White House has said the protections could limit commanding officer’s ability to discipline soldiers for anti-gay comments, and lead to insubordination.

“It seems like the only group that it is politically correct to be intolerant of are Christians, who have such a profound effect on the founding of this country, including about a third of the signers of the Declaration of Independence being ordained ministers,” Gohmert said…

“If this administration is going to continue to tolerate this kind of intolerance, they are going to lose members of the military that cannot serve if their First Amendment rights aren’t going to be protected with regard to religion,” Gohmert continued.

And while Texas gets ready to pass legislation that will close most of the states 42 abortion clinics, here’s what’s going on in the real world – a world far removed from the bubble Republicans reside in.

At an open-air flea market outside McAllen, Texas, near the Mexican border, shoppers can buy a goat and get their car windows tinted. Tables with handwritten signs touting Viagra are stocked with herbal remedies promising to burn fat and boost breast size. You can also find pills to end a pregnancy.

Bazaars like this have become home to a thriving black market, where women too poor to afford an abortion at a clinic or deterred by state mandates such as a 24-hour waiting period can buy drugs to induce a miscarriage on their own, a dozen area residents and doctors said in interviews.

Hundreds of miles north in Austin, the capital, lawmakers may inadvertently increase this illegal trade. Rules set to pass as soon as this week might result in the closing of most, if not all, abortion facilities in the state. If the law — promoted as a way to improve women’s health — makes legal abortion unavailable in Texas, more women may turn to markets such as the one near McAllen and risk their lives.

Short of Democrats taking complete control of Congress in 2014, it’s hard to imagine any scenario by which the madness will end any time soon. Republicans have made it clear that they will not compromise on any legislation that President Obama is willing to sign.

Jonathan Chait lays it out.

One of the novel developments in conservative thought during the Obama years is a burgeoning hatred not merely for government but for lawmaking. Before the Obama era, the ends of crafting laws divided the parties, but the means did not. The process of corralling votes, placating hold-outs, and hammering out compromises was not something either side especially loved — you’ve heard the classic line about watching the sausage get made — but also not something that one side disliked more than the other. But a hatred for lawmaking has emerged in the Obama years, first as a Republican tactic, and then as an apparently genuine belief system.

Exactly right. Republican obstructionism has gone from being a tactic to prevent Obama from winning a second term to now being a full-fledged belief system where conservatives actually believe they’re doing the right thing. The end result is that the mental illness that has inflicted conservatives will continue to force gridlock upon a nation that has seen their middle class and poor to suffer needlessly these many years.

True unadulterated madness.


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