Mario Piperni on the War on Women

Cousin Margie’s Rant

JULY 2, 2013 BY  

Republican-War-on-Women   :

Three things John Liming wants you to know about Margie:

a) She is not happy with Republicans and their intrusion into women’s health issues.
b) She is a staunch conservative who votes Republican at every opportunity.
c) She’s his cousin.

After some of the laws being passed in places like Ohio and Texas – – by what I sometimes think of as the “Good Ole’ White Boy Crowd” – – – without any Public input whatsoever – – attached at the last minute to bills related to the state budgets or some other ruse – – – without a single woman in attendance participating in any manner at all at the signing of these bills – – – bills which obviously are meant to negatively impact women’s choices as to their health care or what they are or are not allowed to do with their own bodies – – –

You know what my Cousin Margie said about it on the telephone yesterday?

And when you read Cousin Margie’s remarks about all this Republican subterfuge keep in mind that she is – – has been – – and may always be – –  the strictest – – staunchest – – most Right Wing Christian – – Independent Baptist individual who ever lived – – or at least – – that I have ever known.

Margie told me, “If I was some of those ladies where some of this crap is going on – – – I would be cleaning out the dog house and putting a straw-filled mattress in it for Mr. “Big Wig” to sleep off his animosity toward the opposite sex – – – that’s what I’d do!”

Continuing – – – she ranted, “I don’t need no goddamned man to tell me what I can or cannot do with my own body and I am getting damned sick and tired of some of the crap some of them are trying to pull over on us women!  Do they think we are total idiots or that we don’t see through what they are trying to do?  I think I am a lot better than the old “Barefoot and Pregnant” servant of male chauvinism and I’m mad as Hell about all this stuff!”

Shocked at how vocal my normally sedate – prim – proper Cousin suddenly became over the issue of Women’s Rights – – all I could do when I heard her was to swallow hard in surprise and to retort, “Why Margie – what on earth do you mean?”

Not to be ignored, she shot back at me – – with a tinge of impatience in her voice – – “I would give new meaning to the old song and dance about squeezing an aspirin with my kneecaps– – – that’s what the Hell I mean – – do you get my drift now, John?”

I wasn’t about to press the issue any further with Margie.

I just had to bow my head – – shut my mouth – – and think silently to myself, “Yeah . . you always vote for the Right Wing S.O.Bs too don’t you?  You know damned well exactly how they are and you go ahead and vote for them anyway!  It’s no skin off my nose if you are going to sit still and keep your mouth shut and let them run all over you – – that is your business – – and you are welcome to it as far as I am concerned.”

I do feel bad for my Cousin and for all the women who find themselves in the same boat as she does but what is one to do?

The Republican Radicals are always bitching and moaning about the so-called “Tyranny” they are expecting President Obama to spring on all of us one of these days – – but my question is more on the order of, “What about the tyranny that the radical right wingers who have gotten themselves elected as leaders in this country are already in the process of cementing into place?”

I guess you would have to ask any woman who is aware of what is going on to get anywhere near an answer to that one!

My Cousin is a very opinionated soul – – – just like me.

I guess it runs in the family.


John Liming publishes American Liberal Times

Source image is Sir Frank Dicksee‘s ‘The Mirror’.

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