Mario Piperni Does Ted Cruz

Trashing Immigration Reform – Cruz Style

JUNE 11, 2013 BY 

Ted Cruz - huckster  :

It’s hard to imagine the immigrations bill (or any other legislation) getting through congress with obstructionist Republicans like Ted Cruz making ridiculous statements like this one.

“The biggest obstacle to passing common sense immigration reform is President Barack Obama.”

What the hell does that mean?

For Cruz and his fellow wingers, common sense means that Dems need to step aside and act as if Mitt Romney is in the White House and Republicans have majorities in both Houses of Congress. Then and only then will the government’s business get done.

Asking Dems to drop any mention of a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is a non-starter. The whole point of immigration reform was to provide a means to bring undocumented immigrants into the fold in a fair and sensible manner.

Steve Benen

It’s possible that some folks are confused about the nature of the debate. When it comes to immigration reform, Democrats and Republicans have effectively proposed a trade — Dems want a pathway to citizenship and can live with new border-security measures, while Republicans want new border-security measures and can live with a pathway to citizenship. The result is a compromise bill that’s “comprehensive” because it tackles both parts of the larger issue…

That rascally president sure is annoying. Obama’s the “biggest obstacle” to reform because he “insists” upon the one specific provision that enjoys the support of congressional Democrats, many congressional Republicans, most of the country, immigration advocates, and the Bush/Cheney administration. It’s not some gratuitous, tangential provision — for the White House, it’s the point of the bill.

All true but it’s almost pointless to bring up logic of any sort when discussing Republican politics. The right has no desire in being factual or honest. Their only concern is to stop anything this President attempts to do while they work on getting their own guy into the White House in four years time.

That’s how shameless sociopaths operate.


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