Mario Piperni on Bigots

The Right Needs Smarter Bigots

MAY 18, 2013 BY  

Jackass 2  -

If you’re new to right-wing think, here’s an easy to remember rule of thumb to help you along; any and all evil in the world can be attributed directly to President Obama and/or homosexuals. Really. Every stinking evil. If it isn’t Obama’s fault, then blame it on the gay.

Bryan Fischer: Military has “crisis” of sexual assault. Major part of that is homosexual in nature. What are they going to do about that?

Male soldiers are raping female personnel and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association thinks it’s logical to blame homosexuals for the attacks. Moron.

Blue Texan over at C&L notes that the AFA needs smarter bigots. I agree, but I’d take it one step further and suggest that the entire conservative movement needs smarter bigots. The current crop are dumber than a box of rocks.


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2 responses to “Mario Piperni on Bigots

  1. Insulting to the box and the rocks.

  2. Actually, I think we may be asking for trouble requesting that these morons smarten up. Besides, it’s a lot more fun this way. Just who – pray, would the late-night comedians have to make fun with? adgray

    From the Breen-Gray Cat House🐱

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