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To Infinity and Beyond!

MAY 13, 2013 BY  

Artist's impression of Mars One's planned first settlement on the Red Planet

Artist’s impression of Mars One’s planned first settlement on the Red Planet

Had enough of right-wing political crap and find yourself with a deep desire to get as far from the madding crowd as you can?

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The opportunity to travel to Mars is certainly a once in a lifetime offer. More so if you’re accepted to the Mars One project: the journey is a one-way ticket, requiring you to spend the rest of your life on the Red Planet. But the prospect of permanent colonization millions of miles from earth isn’t thwarting the hopeful, reports Time. Almost 80,000 people have applied for the chance in just two weeks.

The ambitious Mars One project plans to establish a human colony on the surface of Mars by 2023. The group began taking applications through its site recently, and expects to receive half a million entrants by the time the application window closes in August.

Departure day is a mere 10 years away, so start packing your bags. I’d join up but I suffer from claustrophobia so there is no possible way I’d survive the trip. Even at warp speed, the voyage to mars is a five month endeavor. The closest I’ve come to experiencing a ridiculous amount of time in the air was a 16 hour flight I once took from LA to Sydney. Aside from having to deal with the confined space, I was locked in coach with a bunch of crying, screaming babies. I love children but there is something unpleasant about being 35,000 feet up in the air, for 16 hours, with dozens of very unhappy babies. Not fun.

But getting back to Mars, how’s this for an idea…say we send some of our favorite space cadets on that one-way ticket to the red planet? It’s a win-win. Mars gets the humans (well, sort of human) it needs to populate the planet and Earth has a few less loons to deal with.

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