Mario Piperni and the NRA

Guns ‘n Kids and NRA Loons

MAY 3, 2013 BY  

Guns 'n Kidz   -

Here’s the full quote from Charles P. Pierce.

If your “way of life” involves handing deadly weapons to five-year olds, your way of life is completely screwed up and you should change it immediately because it is stupid and wrong. (And, again, also, too: goddammit, “learning to use and respect a gun” means at least knowing that the fking thing is loaded when it’s sitting in the corner of the parlor like it’s a damn umbrella stand or something, and we should talk about that part, too.) It is not in any way “normal” to hand a kindergartner a firearm. If a mother from the inner-city of, say, Philadelphia did that, and the kid subsequently shot his sister to death, Fox News never would stop yelling about the crisis in African American communities and the Culture Of Death, and rap music, too. If your culture is telling you that children who have only recently emerged from toddlerhood should have their own guns, then your culture is deadly and dangerous and that should concern you, too. If your culture demands that, in the face of a general national outrage over the killing of other children, your politics work to loosen the gun laws you have, as they apparently did in Kentucky, then your culture is making your politics stupid and wrong and you should change them, too. I do not have to understand these people any more, and it is way too early in the day to be drinking this much.

And while we’re on the topic of guns, the criminally insane NRA have taken on a redneck from Alabama to be their new president. The clown’s name is Jim Porter and he takes pride in referring to the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression”. He also believes that Obama is a “fake president” whose “entire administration is anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Second Amendment.

Another sack of shit joins Wayne LaPierre on the NRA’s board of sociopaths.


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One response to “Mario Piperni and the NRA

  1. We have become an increasingly mean, hateful, callous, selfish and sick society. Is there no way to end the madness?

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