Mario Piperni on the Lost

The Lost Party

MAY 1, 2013 BY  

Quote Of The Day - GOP - too late  :


Inform Mr. Wilson that his warning is too little, too late. His party is already a lost one which should be of no surprise to anyone. It’s what tends to happen when a political party, for decades, allows every crazed bigot, gun nut, Christian fundamentalist and fool in reach of a microphone to chip away at its core…in this case, conservatism. The day that teabaggers were given a serious say in the direction the Republican party would take, was the day that the GOP lost hold of the last remaining traces of its soul.

So bury your heads in a little deeper, wingers, and suck in those fumes you seem to love so very much…’cause when you finally come up for air, you aren’t going to like what you find.


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