Mario Piperni on Arizona Guns

Gun Crazy Arizona Does it Again

APRIL 30, 2013 BY  

Arizona - Crazy  :

I’m not sure that ‘crazy’ is strong enough an adjective to describe the many (or few) who go to the absurd lengths they do in defending America’s out-of-control gun culture. Case in point – Arizona’s Republican legislators.

Last year, Arizona passed a law that forces law enforcement agencies to sell all seized guns to licensed gun dealers instead of destroying the weapons as was the custom. The idea behind the law was, of course, that destroying even a single gun in America is tantamount to defiling the flag or, god forbid, speak ill of Ronald Reagan. Such abuse would not be tolerated in Arizona.

But there was a little loophole in the law that Arizona state Republicans failed to notice when drafting the bill. The law did not prevent local municipalities from destroying guns they obtained in buyback events as was the intent behind buyback programs. Didn’t want your gun any longer? No problem. Sell it through a buyback program, make a few dollars and know that the gun would be safely removed from circulation.

Well that could not be allowed to happen in Arizona. It was time for a new law.

Under House Bill 2455 that passed the state Senate on Tuesday, all guns voluntarily turned in at buyback events in Arizona must be sold back to dealers. Here’s how the Arizona GOP defended the new law.

“It’s not about protecting Second Amendment rights, it’s about protecting the taxpayers,” said Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Peoria. He also argued that the state doesn’t require the destruction of cars involved in fatal accidents, so requiring guns to be destroyed is simply a feel-good measure that protects no one.

As Steve Benen points out, Arizona Republicans have turned gun buyback programs into gun recycling programs, “watch the assault rifle go from the street … to the police … to the gun dealers … back to the street.

As I said, a stronger word than crazy is needed to describe these people.


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