Mario Piperni on the Devil’s Tool

Blessed Are the Ignorant, For They Shall Make the Pat Robertsons Rich

April 1, 2013 By

Republican Vote Series - Science :

Ever wonder why the really cool miracles usually occur in third world countries and not the USA?  Sure you do but wonder no  more. Televangelist and master conman, Pat Robertson, has the explanation.

“People overseas didn’t go to Ivy League schools,” the TV preacher laughed. “We’re so sophisticated, we think we’ve got everything figured out. We know about evolution, we know about Darwin, we know about all these things that says God isn’t real.”

“We have been inundated with skepticism and secularism,” he continued. “And overseas, they’re simple, humble. You tell ‘em God loves ‘em and they say, ‘Okay, he loves me.’ You say God will do miracles and they say, ‘Okay, we believe him.’”

“And that’s what God’s looking for. That’s why they have miracles.”

Truth be told, the only miracle Pat Robertson believes in is the miracle of money. And the only people he really cares about are the type who when you tell ‘em you want their money, they say, ‘Okay, mister preacher man, here’s our money.’ The problem Robertson has with science, Ivy League schools and education is that they tend to make one less reluctant to part with their money and hand it over to shysters who preach on television wearing $3000 suits.

Pat Robertson’s 9th Beatitude: Blessed are the naive and ignorant, for they shall make me rich!


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One response to “Mario Piperni on the Devil’s Tool

  1. I never feel so enraged as when I see preachers like Pat Robertson preying on ignorant and gullible people. He and the others like him have found their get rich quick scheme and it is tax free to boot.

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