Mario Piperni on Republican Dysfunction

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

April 2, 2013 By

Republican Elephant - Splitting Apart    :

I thought this bit of analysis from Daily Kos over the current in-fighting ravaging the Republican party was dead-on.

Theirs [Republican’s] is a marriage of convenience—the Gordon Geckos don’t care for the Bible Thumpers, the Bible Thumpers don’t care for the Gordon Geckos. And now that their collective suck isn’t leading to White House victories, the knives are out.

Isn’t that the truth. The recent realization by some conservatives that gay marriage isn’t going away, highlights the divisiveness ripping the GOP apart. While the more pragmatic party establishment favors a less harsh approach on social issues, the Christian Right refuses to budge. Social conservatives believe that Republican’s failure to capture the White House in 2008 and ’12 is directly attributable to the refusal of McCain and Romney to adopt more conservative positions on social issues.

Rick Santorum:

Look, the Republican Party isn’t going to change. If we do change, we’ll be the Whig Party….We’re not the Libertarian Party, we’re the Republican Party…

If we had candidates in the last two presidential elections who weren’t ashamed of the positions they had on these issues and played offense, instead of listening to the same people who now want to abandon the issues, we would’ve been successful.

To which liberals can only say, “yes, YES, YES!” Let the right hold on to the belief that what Americans want is more social conservatism on issues like abortion and gay marriage and Republicans will never win the White House again. Americans, as a nation, have matured on these issues. The Santorums and Huckabees have not.

Markos has put together an accurate little chart that lists the many factions that make up the Republican party. A glance at it and you get an instant understanding of why the GOP is in the throes of a civil war.

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And this line from a reader on the glue that holds the GOP together – “a hellish mixture of fear, greed, and stupidity.”



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