Mario Piperni on Untraditional Stupidity

When in Doubt, Blame the Gay Guy – for Everything

March 27, 2013 By

Republican elephant in the bedroom   -

Another conservative dinosaur raises its big ugly homophobic head. In a USA Today piece, former senator and Mr. Conservative himself, Jim DeMint, recycles the tired old argument that gay marriage leads to a deterioration of traditional marriage and is therefore responsible in part for the welfare state.

Without strong families grounded in marriage, we cannot hold back the ever-expanding power of government. As the marriage culture weakens, Big Government grows. Just look how the welfare state has expanded as the unwed childbearing rate has grown from single digits in the 1960s to more than 40% today.

Marriage policy exists to encourage a man and a woman to commit to each other permanently and exclusively as husband and wife and to be father and mother to any children. Sound marriage policy strengthens civil society and reduces the role of government.

Oh please. We’ve all heard these empty arguments from homophobes before. They speak of preserving traditional marriage but it never seems to dawn on them that their own marriage breakdowns and divorces have done more to damage their phony take on traditional marriage than anything same-sex marriage could ever do.

David Boaz of the Cato Institute rips DeMint to shreds.

Yes indeed. Stable families are less likely to be on welfare…But DeMint and other social conservatives make a logical leap when they connect that point to gay marriage. Gay people making the emotional and financial commitments of marriage is not the cause of family breakdown or welfare spending.

When DeMint says that “family breakdown” is causing poverty – and thus a demand for higher government spending – he knows that he’s really talking about unwed motherhood, divorce, children growing up without fathers, and the resulting high rates of welfare usage and crime.

So why raise the problems of broken families and then propose to prevent gay people from getting married?

Indeed. What exactly do gays and same-sex marriage have to do with the problems plaguing the family unit? And how does anyone’s “traditional marriage” get affected, adversely or otherwise, by the decision to marry by two people of the same sex who love each other? It doesn’t of course but it does serve as a convenient scapegoat for bigots to 1) feed their homophobic mania and 2) further blame the ills of society and government on a group which for the most part, does not vote Republican.

As the author suggests, if one was serious about tackling the issue of “family breakdown”, then it would be far more prudent to put in place a ban on divorce and premarital sex. But conservatives would never suggest doing anything that radical. Why not? Because conservatives are quite aware that Republicans do get divorced and Republicans do engage in premarital and adulterous sex. No need to upset them when it is…

…far better to pick on a small group, a group not perceived to be part of the Republican constituency, and blame them for social breakdown and its associated costs.

The good news is that Jim DeMint is out of congress and locked up in some corner office at the irrelevant Heritage Foundation where no one needs to pay attention to anything he says or does. Except when it’s time to mock him, of course.

The bad news is that the monkey in the video below is still in congress.

Yeah, that’s it Stevie the Wonder Boy. The constitution never mentions gay marriage so it must mean it’s against marriage equality. Fucking idiot.

I really have no more patience for these people. None at all.


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