Mario Piperni Does LaPierre, David Gregory

On Guns, Rancid Meat and Floor Lamps

March 25, 2013 By

Wayne LaPierre - Winger in Space  :

Over at Wonkette, they had a few choice words for Wayne LaPierre (“incoherent sack of rancid meat“) and David Gregory (“a dead floor lamp with a nice head of hair”) after LaPierre’s Meet The Press appearance last Sunday.

The other LaPierre comment that had us yelling at David Gregory’s blank-eyed visage on our laptop screen was his pooh-poohing of the way AR-15’s have become some sort of bogeyman. Why, the AR-15 shoots .223 bullets, which are so weak they are only good for target shooting! Hunters won’t use them to shoot deer, and are in fact banned from doing so in some states! Why David Gregory could not point out that .223 cartridges may not be great for bringing down a ten-point buck but sure did seem damaging enough to all those six-year-olds gunned down by Adam Lanza is beyond us.

The reason that so little progress has been made on the gun issue is directly related to douchebag “journalists” of the David Gregory variety who refuse to challenge drivel of the sort spewed by the rancid meats of the world.


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One response to “Mario Piperni Does LaPierre, David Gregory

  1. There are no longer any real journalists and this just shows you why…..

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