Mario Piperni on Rush’s Party

Conservatives Really, Really Need to Follow Limbaugh’s Advice

MARCH 19, 2013 BY  

Rush Limbaugh - The Godfather  :

As Republican’s go through the soul-searching painful exercise of figuring out why they suck as a political party, here’s hoping they follow the advice of Rush Limbaugh. On the same day that the RNC released a post election report that called for the GOP to modernize and be more open to Hispanics and women, Limbaugh had this to say:

“The Republicans are just totally bamboozled right now, and they are entirely lacking in confidence, which is what happens to every political party after an election in which they think they got shellacked. They think they got landslided, and they didn’t, but they’re acting like they did, and they think they did.”

“They think they’ve gotta rebrand and it’s all predictable. They gotta reach out to minorities. They gotta moderate their tone here and moderate their tone there.  And that’s not at all what they’ve gotta do.”

And the kicker…

“The Republican Party lost because it’s not conservative.”


Republicans need to be even more conservative than they’ve been for the last five years! In Limbaugh’s world, there can never be too many forced vaginal probes to show “slutty” women who’s really in charge of their bodies. Gays and lesbians? Demonize them to your heart’s content.

Round up those 11 million lazy, undocumented immigrants and fill up the cattle cars!

In Limbaugh’s world, polls indicating that 58 percent of Americans are now in favor of same-sex marriage can and should be ignored. As should the fact that Hispanics make up the fastest growing voting demographic in the U.S.

Piss on polls and piss on facts and truth and decency and whatever else messes with one’s narrow-minded, bigoted, ignorant, xenophobic beliefs.

Yes, ignore it all and push for more stringent conservatism. There’s a winning hand if ever there was one.

Limbaugh - Dicks Illustrated  :

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