Mario Piperni and the Lost Right Wing

Why I jumped my dad’s republican ship!

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In the following piece on the reasons he is not a Republican, John Liming writes: “My world – my ideal world has acceptance in its heart for all people of all persuasions and all religions and all backgrounds and all choices of lifestyle and it is a real acceptance and not just a token acceptance and it is all part of the ideological perspective that I think of as “Liberal.””

That single thought says all I’ll ever need to know about John.



I never ever thought the idea of “Small” government would work for something the current size and complexity of the United States.  The very size and scope of our industrial-military complex is something that requires enormous expenditures of national treasure to maintain and operate and without a big enough bureaucracy, the whole thing would come tumbling down in no time at all.

I believe if we were to allow our industrial-military complex to shrink too much and too fast, our nation would be weakened to a truly potentially dangerous point and in my view, we simply cannot afford to be going down that road.

Free enterprise is a wonderful thing and I am all for it unless it gets to the point where it starts oppressing or harming people.  There was a time in our history when “free enterprise” was a little too free and employers could actually lock their employees into their workplaces in unsafe and unsanitary conditions and force them to work tediously long hours at what amounted to slave wages with no extra benefits such as health care coverage whatever and this serf/master relationship cost lives and the health of far too many workers.  That form of “free enterprise” was only free for those at the top who were in a position to profit from exploiting it – and I am afraid that is where some of our contemporary right wing types want to take us back to.

So I am for what I like to call, “Properly regulated free enterprise” which is another way of saying, “I don’t care how much money some enterprising business person makes from their business so long as those who earn their living in that business as hired help get a fair wage, safe working conditions and a little consideration about their future in the bargain with their employer.

American Industry had such an arrangement with the work force for decades and everyone benefited from it — both the employer and the employees.  It was the great Industrial age when unions came into being and there was collective bargaining and industries were raking in unprecedented profits and workers had an equally unprecedented standard of living.  That was before rightist greed rose with such a vengeance and decided to suck the workers dry and ship all the good jobs off shore.  It was America at Her best.

Unlike some Republicans and so-called “conservatives,” I do believe that the Industry of a nation can poison the waters and pollute the air to dangerous degrees and I am pretty certain that as long as entrepreneurs are raking in profits at runaway rates there is every temptation to ignore ecological damage or to make excuses for it or to fight regulations against it with everything at their disposal.  That would be human nature at work.

But I want my grandchildren to be able to drink water without dropping like flies in a spray storm, I want them to be able to eat food free of toxins and I definitely want future generations to be free of an obligation to wear gas masks every time they go out the door.

Another reason I can’t agree with Republicans concerns the military might and strength of our country.

Ree-pugs want to cut back, cut down and cut out spending taxpayer money on so many things that I think they fail to realize that if they get their way whacking the national budget, they will no longer ( at some point) be able to afford maintenance of a giant military establishment and it will either dwindle in size or lose much of its defense capability and that is not a place that I want to see The United States get to.  But it seems to be a place that a lot of Republicans are determined to see that we get to and I think it is utter madness and I want no part in it.

Then there is  what seems to me to be the inescapable fact that if I were a devoted, true-believing, dyed-in-the-wool Ree-publican, every thought I think and every move I make would be dictated more or less by somebody else’s idea of religion.

It wouldn’t matter whether my faith agreed with that of those appointed over me to govern my ways — they would, somehow find a way to weave their pet beliefs into the very laws that govern the nation and I would have to obey things that I might not agree with just because some elected officials calling themselves Ree-publicans or Conservatives or Right Wing Chrees-chuns had the Bible ( or some other religious document) stuck where the Sun don’t shine.

I am definitely not anti-God as some Righties like to make out that I am but I am also opposed to living in an oligarchy with theological laws replacing the free democratic republic in which I now find myself.

I hate the thought of religious dictatorship even if it be a subtle one and I think if the country were permanently run by the  far right or the right wing radicals that is exactly what we would have for ourselves.

In the world in which I live, it looks to me like a whole lot of Republicans, right wingers and so-called “conservatives”  have an awfully  low tolerance for people who don’t think the way they do and so there are classes of people who somehow get treated like second class citizens – gays and certain ethnicities for example. (Women to some extent also.)

My world – my ideal world has acceptance in its heart for all people of all persuasions and all religions and all backgrounds and all choices of lifestyle and it is a real acceptance and not just a token acceptance and it is all part of the ideological perspective that I think of as “Liberal.”  My open-hearted, open-minded view of the world is, in my opinion, diametrically opposed to everything the Right, the Far Right, The Far Right Extreme, The Conservative and The Republicans view as their ideal or that they stand for.

I want my kids to get a really broad general education about how things really are in the world so they can be prepared to cope with the  real world once they are released into it and on their own.  I do not want my kids heads filled with the dystopian fantasies of the contemporary Right with their anti-science, anti-public education, home schooled nonsense that I believe creates graduates who are no smarter than the parents who taught them in the home school environment and which have no earthly idea of how to compete in an ever-expanding society that becomes more technically and scientifically complex with every day that passes.

I do not want my life or the life of my children and grandchildren dictated by the stiff-necked views of some religion bearing the seal of approval of the tight-a**ed Right!  Pure, plain and simple.

I want tolerance,acceptance in inclusivity instead of intolerance, denial of rights and exclusivity.  That is another reason I chose to approach Life from a more leftist stance.

The thought of waking up and seeing two Right Wing eyes staring at me as I do whatever is done in private bedrooms is appalling to me but I think they would like to stick their probing noses into every single facet and detail of private lives regardless of all the preaching they do about individual liberties and rights.

The Right Wing is always preaching about the evils and shortcomings of what they call “Big Government,” but I have discovered that unfailingly if the accoutrements of “Big Government” serves some purpose they are hot to trot about, then “Big Government” tactics and techniques are just fine with them.  I think that is one of the points about which they are most hypocritical and it is so open and obvious and visible as to be gut wrenchingly nauseating sometimes.

Finally folks, one of the reasons that I parted ways with my dearly departed Daddy on all things political and embraced a more Liberal life was because I wanted to belong to some political ideology that is “For” something and not “Against” almost everything that can be imagined.  I wanted to belong to the Party of “Can Do,” “Yes” and “Progress” instead of a Party of “No, No You Can’t” and “Lets Go Back To The Days Of Horse Manure In The Streets And Outhouses Out Back.”

John Liming publishes American Liberal Times.


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