Mario Piperni on Texas Gun Laws

Crazy and Armed in Texas

FEBRUARY 27, 2013 BY 

Jesus, Guns and Republicans  -

It takes a special kind of stupid.

A Republican state representative in Texas is calling to cut the number of hours of training required to obtain a concealed-carry permit by more than half, but shooting instructors say that the proposal would create a public safety hazard.

State Rep. Dan Flynn (R) recently introduced House Bill 47, which would reduce class hours from 10 hours to four, and remove the requirement for instruction on handgun “proficiency.”

The lawmaker told WFAA on Tuesday that the proposal would eliminate some of the hassle for the record number of Texans now trying to acquire permission to conceal a weapon.

Why? I doubt that even the NRA would advocate for a reduction of the number of hours of training required to obtain a gun permit. But who the hell knows. Crazy doesn’t play by any rules of logic known to man.


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2 responses to “Mario Piperni on Texas Gun Laws

  1. This makes good sense. Nothing in the Constitution says you have to be proficient. Or that you can’t aim and fire at children. Or that you have to have a brain. My solution? Steer clear of Texas.

  2. This may have been proposed since many texans are now acquiring (out of state) Virginia concealed carry laws with no shooting requirements. And because Texas legislators want to carry without the shooting requirements.

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