Mario Piperni on Hilary

Hillary vs. Anyone in 2016

February 22, 2013 By


The presidential election is four years away but it’s hard to not get a little excited when you read of numbers like this from the PPP.

Add Georgia to the list of states where Democrats might be competitive in 2016 with Hillary Clinton as their nominee. She has a 49/44 favorability rating in the state and would lead Marco Rubio (49/46) and Paul Ryan (50/45) in hypothetical match ups. She would lead by an even wider margin against Newt Gingrich (51/44).

We have now found Clinton competitive in polls in Alaska, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas.

The Republican brand is so tarnished right now that anyone Dems put up in 2016 would probably be favored to win. That’s true even if the right’s current golden boy (a little less so after his disappointing SOTU response speech), Marco Rubio, runs. The latest Bloomberg poll has the Republican favorability numbers at 35 percent. In comparison, Obama is at 55 percent. Ouch.

But having Hillary run in 2016 would just about cement the deal. It does not appear that Republicans are about to let up on their senseless attacks on women’s rights and minorities. As well, the Tea Party is dead set on getting a few more radical conservatives like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock to run. Nothing says “We’re the Stupid Party and proud of it!” better than having a couple of neanderthals like Akin and Mourdock representing your side.

The icing on the cake would be Republican’s reincarnation of Joe McCarthy, Ted Cruz, deciding that he was ready for the White House and run in 2016. I’d pay money to see that grandstanding, snarky bully going down in flames in a presidential election.


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