Mario Piperni on Repug Democracy

Romney and Republican’s Idea of Democracy

September 22, 2012 By

If I’m reading John Liming correctly, the illustration above pretty much sums up his thoughts on the Republican Party’s role in the democratic process over the last four years.


One of the surest signs that something I am reading has been written by some unknowing idiot with right wing tendencies is when they say such mindless things as “Obama hasn’t worked with the Republican Congress.

What an absolute statement of total bull manure that kind of crap is!

The whole civilized world surely knows by now how that Republican Congress has stood in the President’s face and obstructed ever single issue that he has ever proposed so they could keep their anal little promise to make sure he doesn’t get a second term in office.

How dare some Rethug say that Obama has not worked with the Republican Congress!

Worse than that, perhaps is some of the right wing idiot’s mistaken impressions that the Congress is “Republican!”  Only The House of Representatives is Repuglican as far as I can tell.  The Senate was definitely controlled by Democrats the last time I looked.

I wish some of these (*%$#@) could get their story straight. (Too much to ask for I am sure.)

In a recent news release, I read that Candidate Romney has reportedly said something to the effect that if President Obama can’t change Washington from the inside but only from the outside, he (Romney) would be happy to make sure that Obama gets that chance.

I am wondering where Mr. R is going with that one?

Even if Romney were to win in November, he is still going to face a Washington that is “Broken” and I hope that if he does win in November, he faces similar challenges in governing that our President has faced.

If such a nightmare as a Republican power grab were to occur in November, 2012, it would please me to no end to have some highly-placed Democrat get in front of some television cameras and tell the world, “Our Number One priority is going to be to make sure that this president never gets elected for a second term.”

After that, I would hope and pray that Democrats remember how Rethugs treated our President for the past 4 years and would do their level best to return the favor to their own choice of “Leader.”  I hope that if there is a Rethug win in November and that power shifts their way – – – I hope Democrats become as skilled in obstructionism as any Republican ever hoped to be and I hope they do it with the same intensity and apparent glee. It would, as the empty chair guy once said, “Make My Day!”

I believe the Republican candidate may have made the boast that if he is elected, Republicans and Democrats will come together.

If it is true that he actually said that, I think he is mistaken.  After the way the Republicans have treated Democrats all through this President’s term – – – after the nasty, unkind remarks that have been made and all the names that have been called, I don’t think there is a Peck’s chance in Hell of Republicans and Democrats coming together.  I hope Democrats are smarter than that!

I am hearing some Republicans starting to blame “The Media” and the “Polls” for the Republican Campaign’s present problems.

That, in my opinion, would be a typical Republican defense – – – denial!

Why can’t they just admit that after the world was treated to the clown show that was supposed to have been a series of serious debates on serious issues – – – the televised circus that ended up being Nine different contenders doing nothing but attacking each other – – – and to the continuing insults against 47% of the American People – – – and the obvious fact that the 1% and their “Candidates” are completely out of touch with America – – – why can’t they just admit that it is not just the “Media and the Polls” causing them fits, but that it is their own inherent inability to come up with original ideas or any form of viable leadership?

John publishes Blue Heart Chronicles.

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