LUV News on Social Security, Reich

Trustees of the Medicare/Social Security systems are crying wolf again in their never ending battle to persuade the public that the programs are running out of money so that benefits will be cut. We’ve run several articles over the years showing it is easy to fix whatever problems the trust funds have, but our government leaders really don’t want to fix them.

President Obama has more than once tried to convince Republicans to put Medicare and Social Security “on the table” for negotiations, but we don’t expect him to do this again prior to the election, he is in full campaign mode now and understands these programs are popular with the American people. The attack on the programs will come after the election.

The real fear of those in power is not that the Social Security Trust Fund is running out of money, their fear is they will soon have to repay all the money they’ve borrowed from it to provide corporate welfare like stealth bombers to their campaign contributors, meaning there will be less available for the top priority of our government — corporate welfare and privatization schemes to enrich the wealthy.

NPR this morning interviewed an economist from the Wharton School who said of money borrowed from the Trust fund “The money has already been spent,” with no counter viewpoint to claim that money was borrowed from those who contributed to the Trust fund with the belief it would be paid back, typical of NPR’s selling out the public interest.

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The nutty Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has called Robert Reich a “communist.” There is a lot of this going around these days, with the extremely ignorant Congressman Allen West having declared earlier this month that there are eighty communists in the Congress.

Corporate media are responsible for this, often employing terms like “far left” to describe people like President Obama, who would have been seen as very conservative in the 1960s, certainly more conservative than President Nixon, who gave us OSHA, the EPA, the ABM Treaty and several other public interest policies Obama wouldn’t even consider.

Reich would have been seen as a mainstream liberal in the 1960s, a centrist. But with the entire left half of the political spectrum censored out of our controlled mass media today, the left-most people allowed into the mass media are the centrists, as most Americans stumble about like zombies, diverted by mass media from anything of importance to understanding how they are controlled.

Reich challenged O’Reilly to debate him “person-to-person, like a man,” adding, “But he doesn’t have the guts to debate.”

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