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LUV News’ View of the Election from the Left


Dan Froomkin shows that, even as President Obama calls for a “Buffet Rule,” to raise the tax rate of millionaires, the IRS isn’t following through to audit the taxes of the super rich. Billionaire Leona Helmsley famously said that “Only the little people pay taxes.”

Indeed, it was President Obama who extended the Bush tax cuts on behalf of the rich.

Even if the millionaire tax rate was raised to 30%, like traditional middle class people pay, it is unlikely revenue would be raised from doing that. Back when there were far fewer tax loopholes, billionaire Nelson Rockefeller paid no taxes, when in the 70% tax bracket (we know from his forced disclosure when nominated as Vice President).

What we are seeing is election year rhetoric intended to impress the masses.  The rich finance the elections of Democrats and Republicans, who pretend to have a debate every four years about taxing the rich.  Works every time.

*  *  *

With the reality-challenged Rick Santorum’s campaign crashed and burned in his home state, we are left with Romney vs. Obama, as anyone who understands the rigged election system knew was inevitable a year ago, when the ruling Forces of Greed (FOG) engaged a bit of their wealth into financing the contest they wanted (they will get it back in the cost of the TV ads as Obama and Romney go at it hammer and tong in an effort to convince partisan Democrats and Republicans that there is a difference).

Romney’s primary responsibility in the Empire is to lose to Obama in November after holding Obama’s feet to the fire. After all, the banksters, defense cheats and polluters have buried Obama in record campaign bribes, and should Obama express a genuine desire to defend the public interest, favorable TV coverage would immediately shift to Romney, who, under that unlikely circumstance only, would be the winner of last resort for the FOG.

Obama’s primary responsibility is to bid the Democratic Party faithful to ignore the promises he made last time and accept a new injection of that which Cindy Sheehan calls “hopium.” Those who run the system know Barack’s not at all serious when he makes these assurances, hence the record contributions bulging his campaign coffers.

Last year we said it would be scripted this way because the biggest fear of our ruling FOG is that the Occupy Movement will expand, and nothing would cause it to grow faster than a Republican presidency at this time, shocking partisan Democratic Party faithful to awaken to the stark reality that civil rights have been replaced by perpetual war, compelling them to swell the democracy movement.

Corporate media’s primary responsibility in the Land of the Free is to keep the masses as ignorant as possible about anything which, if understood, might lead to an outbreak of democracy. Over the last year of campaigning, not one of the scumbag “journalists” or “columnists” of our mass media has questioned why we are not allowed to see a candidate who represents the public interest, like Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, or Stewart Alexander, as thousands of hours of electronic media and miles of print column went to corporate candidates obviously selling out the public interest.

To accomplish this goal mass media distract us with visions of underwear bombers who hate us for our freedom and want nothing more in life than to blow up helpless schoolchildren. But Linh Dinh opines that, perhaps, we need to know our real enemies. —Jack

BuzzFlash on the Other Endless War

Latin American Leaders Revolt Against the Bloody War on Drugs


BuzzFlash at Truthout has been covering the bloody fiasco of the US sponsored war on drugs in Mexico and other southern nations.

Most recently, Truthout reported, “The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure.” In that article, it was noted that there has been a simmering backlash, even among governments likely complicit in drug trafficking, against the lack of a US policy to reduce illicit drug consumption at home – or, perish the thought, legalize some of the contraband (starting with marijuana).

Yesterday, BuzzFlash noted the hypocrisy of American pharmaceutical companies being the largest cartels pushing narcotics, legally – and profiting handsomely from the drug dependency business.

But the US government has been leading a show war allegedly against foreign drug cartels that has resulted in the deaths of more that 50,000 Mexicans since 2006, and thousands upon thousands more in other southern nations.

According to the April 10th Washington Post,

Latin American leaders, though, point out that the United States remains the world’s largest cocaine market and that there have been record levels of violence from Venezuela to Guatemala, El Salvador to Mexico.

Cesar Gaviria, a former Colombian president who has been a forceful critic of U.S. policy, said that American officials acknowledge the failure of the policy behind closed doors and do little to defend it publicly. He said it is simply a policy on automatic pilot.

“You reach the conclusion that all this killing in Mexico and Central America has been in the name of a failed policy that the United States does not believe in or vigorously defend,” said Gaviria, speaking in his Bogota office.

It is worth repeating, if you find the statement credible, “that American officials acknowledge the failure of the policy behind closed doors and do little to defend it publicly. He said it is simply a policy on automatic pilot.”

Now, the southern nation leaders are reportedly ready to approach President Obama at a conference in Columbia this weekend. According to the Post, “He will hear Latin American leaders say that the U.S.-orchestrated war on drugs, which criminalizes drug use and employs military tactics to fight gangs, is failing and that sweeping changes need to be considered.”

No doubt, however, the conference will be scripted for public relations purposes, and Obama will be insulated from embarrassment.

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina told the Post, “The strategy that we have followed these 30 or 40 years has practically failed and we have to recognize it.”

The bi-partisan political posturing by the US government in declaring a military assault on illegal drugs, when our leaders know that thousands and thousands of people are dying for a war with no exit and no end in sight to the supply or demand side, is a violation of human rights and a murder warrant on civilian “collateral damage” among our southern neighbors.