Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

LUV News on Job Creation


Although the training only costs $4,000 for a commercial driver’s license, the money is not available as millions are unemployed and lacking the money, all while companies are in need of drivers. Job training funds have dried up.

When we ask how we got to this point, we recall that, after their massive global financing schemes went awry, Wall Street banksters were loaned trillions of dollars from the federal government and Federal Reserve, much of it in secret and all of it backed by the taxpayers, so that they could pay themselves billions of dollars in bonuses — the top priority of the American banking system.

The banksters still have trillions of dollars, but they’ve put it into the highest paying investments, much of it abroad chasing slave labor, child labor and prison labor, as American small businesses are desperate for financing loans, and American workers are desperate for training.

The banksters’ve invested some of the millions into the presidential and Congressional elections, which give the biggest returns, ensuring the American people will continue to be sold out into the future.