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Right-Wing Insanity – The ‘Planned Parenthood Is Evil’ Edition

April 3, 2012 By

They’re absolutely out of their crazed minds.

James Dobson (founder of Focus on the Family):

If you scratch around anywhere near the Planned Parenthood message and the function of Planned Parenthood, you see wickedness; you see evil.

His son Ryan chimed in with what he hopes happens to Planned Parenthood’s buildings once abortion returns to being classified as a criminal offense.

I hope what happens is what they did in Germany after World War II that the people living near concentration camps, they walk them through those areas. That’s what they did to the Germans, those living near the concentration camps, the government walked them through those places where they were killing people every day saying ‘this is what you let happen.’ Every Planned Parenthood and abortion provider in America, the people living in those communities around them should have to go through and say ‘this is what you let happen.’

And some nutjob named Kristan Hawkins who represents an outfit called ‘Students for Life’ has uncovered Planned Parenthood’s real agenda. It involves bad condoms, low-dose birth control, a bunch of abortions and loads of money.

[PP] give you the lowest ranked condoms that are available on the market today, the lowest ranked by Consumer Reports condoms, so you think Planned Parenthood’s great, they’re giving you bad condoms, then they’re going to give you birth control that can cause breast cancer, they’re going to give you low-dose birth control, and then they’re going to give you an abortion, and this is their plan to make money.

Remember, this stuff is no longer idle chatter being spoken by a few crazies existing on the right’s fringe. This stuff has become mainstream conservative madness.

LUV News on Our Police State

“There are now 1,271 government agencies and 1,931 private companies that work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States,” reports Chris Hedges in this piece (“Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You”), moving us ever closer to a Hunger Games kind of society in which the ruling Forces of Greed may watch our every move and, perhaps, dispose of us at will under the National Defense Authorization Act combined with President Obama’s secret executive order (in our “free and open democracy,” as corporate media so often put it, we are not allowed to know under what circumstances our government leaders have decided they may indefinitely detain or kill us).

The power now of the billionaires and transnational corporations who control our government and mass media appears to be absolute, but they still want more surveillance in the nation with the world’s largest prison population, although they are more secretive about it.  Wouldn’t do to have the peasants know that if they should try to take the promise of democracy seriously, there are contingencies to maintain the status quo at any cost.  —Jack