LUV News on the Lapdog Media

The reason so many citizens are unaware of the corporate media propaganda system is that it is everywhere, so one cannot see the forest for the trees. It is the most important thing a citizen can know, if one is to be successful in opposing corruption in the land.

Most of the people working in the mass media are unaware they are pushing propaganda, so effective is the world’s most sophisticated propaganda system ever devised.

At the top of our system there are people who are aware, and they think of the masses as idiots for the way we are herded into going against our own interests. These wealthy investors put their money into the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution and the Cato Institute, libertarian and conservative “think tanks” corporate-funded to twist messages in the mass media, as much as possible, to benefit the ruling Forces of Greed.

As Michael Parenti points out, editors and producers don’t have to be told what news to put out, they are hired for their subservience, the kind of people who don’t have to be reined in.

As for a secret conspiracy, there really is no need. Everything is out in the open. If you want to screw the working class, you just do it, and there is not a peep from anyone in the mass media, who are inured to it as normal perspective. On rare occasions when someone does raise the issue, they are quickly accused of class warfare, and are immediately shut up.

Of all the propaganda campaigns currently going in our mass media, justification for attacking Iran is king. Surreal war is all that is allowed in mass media, no pictures of children with limbs blown off — all from the viewpoint of the wealthy who are protected from suffering themselves, as they profit immensely from privatized war, blinders firmly in place.

We are given bizarre euphemisms for the start of such wars, including “surgical strike,” as though advocates of such bombing are unaware of the people who die. Should bombing begin, they are then prepared to shift to surprise with the “justification” of “collateral damage,” as though they had no idea it would happen. Knowing how the propaganda works is our only defense from what passes for news on our TVs. —Jack

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