LUV News on the Lapdog Media


Robert Parry points out the corporate media talking heads are shifting the argument from “Iran is making a nuke,” to “Iran has the capability to develop nuclear weapons.” These “journalists,” who justify the wars, bankster bailouts, global pollution, starvation and other horrors, can’t seem to find the bottom in how far they are willing to sink in order to please the ruling Forces of Greed.

Of course Iran has the capability to make a nuke, although there is no evidence they are doing that. So does every country on the planet, but we’re not talking about bombing the children of Japan or Australia on a hunch that their parents decided to join the nuclear madness club.

Glenn Greenwald follows up his last report of corporate media’s rush to war with Iran in a new piece about Diane Sawyer pushing exaggerated hype to demonize Iran, as the entire corporate media spectrum readies public support for shock and awe. We’ve had a critical eye on Diane since the year she spent with Richard Nixon in his San Clemente home after his resignation to keep from being impeached. She’s always shown clearly where her loyalties lie, which is why she has the high paid anchor job at ABC.

[Editor’s note: Those of us with long memories remember Diane Sawyer well from her time as lapdog of Richard Nixon, and hence cannot watch her on TV.]


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