LUV on Occupy Violence

We didn’t run Chris Hedges’ article earlier this week, although it was all over the internet in discussion groups and probably the most controversial column in both the Occupy Movement and mainstream progressive circles. With that level of saturation we didn’t feel it necessary to copy it to our limited space.

But make no mistake, ten months ago, when we were in early discussions about the Occupy Movement at LUV News and asked for our opinion, we didn’t bring up nonviolence. We saw no need to — everybody in the leadership pushed nonviolence, and we wouldn’t have committed to Occupy if the leadership had not embraced nonviolence. Nonviolence is the tactic the ruling Forces of Greed most fear, next to an outbreak of democracy itself, because they have no weapon against it.

There are forces attempting to destroy the Occupy Movement now, and they include those pushing violence (video by Anonymous). We have no evidence that they are FBI but we are suspicious, from past experience (going back many decades). We suspect that the movement has been infiltrated, all of the major Occupy groups and internet social groups. You will recognize these people by the way they push violence and use pejoratives against those opposed to violence, like Hedges. They are also trying to drive wedges between people within the movement, a traditional FBI tactic.

When we see people wearing masks breaking windows and starting fires, we can’t prove they are FBI, we can’t see their faces, but everybody in the movement is tainted by what they do. At LUV News we said early in the Occupy Movement we are not marching with people wearing masks, we assume they are wearing masks either because they are FBI or because they intend to discredit the movement with lawbreaking which will destroy the movement.

During the week we have been reading nasty attacks on Hedges all over the internet, in articles and social groups. Chris signed on for the Occupy Movement last May when we did, months before there was an Occupy Wall Street, and we felt then that this movement would be nonviolent all the way. The ruling Forces of Greed would love nothing more than for Occupy Groups to start destroying property and fighting with police, so they could tell the masses through the controlled mass media that Occupy is a terrorist group, but they have taken care of the problem by gunning us terrorists down and ending in a matter of minutes what took months of hard work to build.

We are building a movement, person by person, still far short of the kind of mass necessary to bring about needed change against an Empire run by psychopaths who will do anything to stop us. The American people are not going to join a movement which appears to embrace violence. We must close ranks on this or we are destroyed, as many of those pushing violence intend.  —Jack

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