LUV News on Fracking


Corporate Crime Reporter tells us this morning that the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest grassroots environmental group, has taken millions of dollars from corporations into fracking.

Often seen as an arm of the Democratic Party, the Sierra Club endorsed President Obama in 2008.  Obama has since pushed for expanded oil drilling on public lands, “clean coal,” and new subsidized nuclear power plants which would leave tons of radioactive waste for future generations.

Americans have long been on the side of victory and have little sense of the horror of invasion and defeat, with its massive suffering, so it’s difficult for most, particularly with our twisted corporate history books and corporate viewpoint “news” to imagine how it feels to be from any of the third world countries we have invaded, and watch as loved ones are massacred.

LUV News used to do historical pieces about censored heroes like Big Bill Haywood and Mother Jones, but there have been so many current human rights abuses, war crimes, and civil rights trampling by our government that we’ve gotten away from it for lack of space.

We miss Howard Zinn, who did so much to describe a more meaningful and accurate history, from the perspective of those hidden in the shadows — Native Americans, African slaves, women in general, and workers — in place of the standard corporate-published history books from the viewpoint of the 1%.

So we have a treat for those telling us they miss this, in this piece by William Katz, who tells us about the heroic figure Hatuey, who fought the European invaders who came to rape, plunder, torture and enslave his beloved people.  —Jack


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