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A piece from The Hill this morning has the opinion of Nuclear Mafia supporters that President Obama has somehow departed from the policies of past Democratic Party Presidents in arming dictators abroad (Clinton and the others did it as well).

They point out that these sales of weapons provide jobs, without pointing out that if they didn’t provide profits to the big investors and multimillion dollar salaries for Nuclear Mafia executives, they wouldn’t occur, since those who run the Empire don’t give a damn about jobs, only providing the minimum jobs to deliver the profits from tax dollars.

Admiral Gene LaRocque pointed out to LUV News that in the 1930s, when he joined the Navy as a seaman, the troops made their own weapons, and didn’t make anything they didn’t need, since there was no profit in it, what a deal for the taxpayers (today we are told this is socialism, and socialism is evil, to keep the masses as confused as possible).

This piece neglects to point out that President Obama will receive millions of dollars from the Nuclear Mafia for his reelection campaign, and although supporters of this bribery claim the money comes from a separate pot and not from tax dollars, we have always said at LUV News that is a bald-faced lie.  It is corruption and bribery at its worst, leaving the world buried in weapons and war.

* * *

We were proud to point out at LUV News, prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, that the invasion was based on lies, there were no weapons of mass destruction. The entire corporate media pushed for an attack and kept the propaganda going for months after the illegal invasion began, often running massive headlines that weapons of mass destruction had been found, then detracting them later when they were discovered to be bogus, but of course, not in headline stories, but in small print on page 56.

This got the American public behind the war, and the National Security State always functions this way. When the lies are revealed it is too late, this routine is done over and over again. Progressives who read alternative news appear to be the only ones who understand this, and the numbers are not significant enough to interfere with the propaganda, as the informed probably only represent a few million people out of 300 million Americans, less than 1%.

Most of those who vote Republican or Democrat believe in the system, and the system goes to great lengths to keep them believing “If only my party gets into office, we will have democracy.” A large number of citizens beyond those are homeless, drug addicted, alcoholics, or just apathetic, having given up participating since over their lifetimes the government did not represent them.

The only way to change this is to get more people to understand what’s happening, which is why we do LUV News each day. We know our readers are hurt when they try to get someone to read it and they won’t, but you have to expect that in a brainwashed population. If you ask ten people you may get one to read it. It seems almost hopeless, until you realize that one person makes a difference. We grow one person at a time into a force to be reckoned with, the only way to peacefully change things.

We feel at LUV News that the current lies leading to swaying public opinion for the purpose of attacking Iran are one of the most important things we should cover these days, and this piece by Robert Parry takes us deep into the lies leading to the Iraq War and compares them to the current lies headlined in our mass media for the purpose of gaining public support for an attack on Iran.  —Jack


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