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Even as President Obama and Congress will drop to their knees and kiss billionaire butt in a heartbeat if any billionaire should lose a dime in one of their gambling schemes, wrenching the last crust of bread from the trembling hand of any starving child to make it up, we’ve had a 38% increase in child homelessness in the world’s wealthiest nation since 2007.

Of course, we had to go to British news to get this, the US mass media are, as is their job, pushing corporate greed at any cost to the public interest, with their microphones in front of anyone who will demand more tax cuts for the rich, bailouts for banksters, privatization, globalization, and the all important wars for corporate profits.


“In response to the planned demonstration by Occupy, the Pasadena Police Department has doubled down on the number of law enforcement agents that will patrol the streets and skies during the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game on Jan. 2, police Lt. Phlunte Riddle said.

“The exact number of additional police officers, sheriff’s deputies, California Highway Patrol officers and federal agents remains secret,” begins a piece in the Pasadena Star News, showing the absolute fear in corporate media of an outbreak of democracy in the Land of the Free.

“‘Violence has erupted at Occupy sites across the country, and in light of those events Pasadena police have reached out to agencies far and wide for advice,’ Riddle said,” the piece continues, without pointing out that the violence came from police cracking down on Occupy protests.

Corporate media and government authorities wouldn’t care if the protest was by armed Teabaggers, because the Teabaggers are funded by billionaires and represent the interests of the ruling Forces of Greed.  The fear is obviously about a potential outbreak of democracy in the land, so cops are stocking up on tear gas, flash grenades, rubber bullets and massive firepower, apparently just in case a protester should say something not authorized by the government.

We recommend readers watch the very end of the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, could be interesting.  Hopefully the national TV networks won’t cut it off in keeping their viewers in the darkness, as is their primary function.

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Shamus Cooke is calling for organized labor to join the Occupy movement in uniting for a national health care system that all citizens may enjoy. This is a very intelligent idea that makes a lot of sense. We recommend this to every Occupy camp, to consider reaching out to organized labor in your city and do some actions around this. One of the leaders of the Democracy Movement is Margaret Flowers, M.D., who’s dedicated most of her time to that issue.

A suggested action might be to protest in front of a local privatized hospital, asking that it be made into a public hospital that serves health care needs rather than profits of descendants of robber barons who contribute nothing to health care. Another action might be a protest in front of a drug company — Big Pharma kills far more people with its legal drugs than are killed by all illegal drugs, and is protected by the FDA, which is managed by its supporters. Here’s a story this morning about just Big Pharma’s pain killer drugs killing 15,000 people each year owing to a system so corrupt that profit trumps human life.

There are some minor problems in bringing labor and Occupy together on this issue, but they can be worked out. Some of labor with better contracts already have health care and are afraid they might go to something worse in a national health care system. We believe at LUV News that if one goes deep into the issues, one will find there’s no reason why we can’t have better quality in a national health care plan than is in most private health care plans today, and actually save money by cutting out the profiteers, the bureaucracy of for-profit health care, and the massive waste, such as advertising, while providing health care to all citizens.

A second problem is that many in the labor movement are staunch Democrats and tie everything to support for the Democratic Party, and most in the Occupy Movement don’t want either of the two corporate parties involved. So we suggest your Occupy group ask labor that Occupy and labor join for the purpose of getting a national health care plan, and perhaps go their own way on some other issues, such as elections. —Jack