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Mario Piperni Does Karl Rove

Rovian Political Theater 101

December 22, 2011 By

You can always count on spinmeister Karl Rove – a man who never heard a good lie about Democrats he didn’t love – to find a way for Republicans to salvage a losing position.  Facing the real possibility of Republicans being blamed for failing to extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits for millions, Rove has devised a way out for his party.  And it all has to do with what he calls “political theater.”

“I think the Wall Street Journal editorial hit it right on the nail, the question now is how do Republicans get out of it.”


“There’s only one way out of it. Is to stay in Washington, wait until President Obama gets on an airplane and heads for Hawaii, and then hold a session in the House, vote the two month extension and use the opportunity to beat up on the now long absent Democrats and Harry Reid and the absent president and say look – this is going to not be good for the companies that have to write the paychecks…”

“Use it for political theater and then vote the two month extension and get out of town.”

“The only way to win it is to sit there and ruin their own Christmases and wait until the president heads off to Hawaii for his, and then lambast the Democrats for having abdicated their responsibility of passing a year-long tax cut.”

And it’s done! Republicans can go from losers to winners and all it takes is a little deceit, some smoke, a couple of mirrors and a calculating Rovian mind to put it all together.  Republicans must make sure they make no mention of the part that had Dems settling on a temporary two month extension of the payroll tax cuts because Mitch McConnell and friends in the Senate were obstructing every chance of making it a twelve month deal. After all, there’s no point messing up a good storyline with truth and facts.

Don’t you just love the smell of politics in the morning?  Rove does.