Daily Archives: December 11, 2011

LUV News Update


The Durban conference on climate change is concluding with a promise that nations involved might do something about global warming in the year 2020. Previous agreements like the Kyoto Treaty, itself inadequate largely because the giant polluter at the time, the USA, dragged its feet on behalf of global capitalist profits, have not slowed global warming, the planet has gotten warmer since the treaty was signed.

The conference concluded with a statement on behalf of the world’s youth, a cry for help that we think was beautiful in its simplicity.


Michael Klare has an in depth piece about the US efforts to renew the Cold War with China, adding to the efforts in Europe to renew the Cold War with Russia by inviting new NATO countries on Russia’s borders coupled with encircling Russia with an ABM system.

In addition to what this report covers, we would add that the Nuclear Mafia stands to make as much as trillions of dollars from such an effort, like they did in the old Cold War, as they continue to influence and dominate our foreign policy, public opinion, and our elections.

At this point this all looks like the desperate measures of a dying empire, but the consequences could be a horribly destructive world war if allowed to continue.


Glenn Greenwald goes into the word “terrorist” as applied to those who defend their country from invasion by the USA. Corporate media and our corporate government have become insanely Orwellian in pushing this term.

We thought it bizarre at LUV News when Afghanistan was being invaded and mass media called those who fought back “terrorists,” and then again when Iraqis who defended their nation from a completely illegal invasion under international law were called terrorists.

This line appears to win over many Americans, who continue to support the wars based on propaganda messages from their mass media.

As an old man, I am ashamed that I have not done more to leave a better world behind.  —Jack