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LUV News on Rape in the Military


We are sad to report that despite all of our reports over the years to report rape in the military as a serious problem, that it appears little has been done to reduce it.  Last year 3,158 sexual crimes were reported in the US military, and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office of the Department of Defense estimated that there were a further 19,000 unreported cases of sexual assault last year.

We blame the corporate media, as we do every year, because this could be greatly reduced if they would just devote major headlines to reporting on it, which would embarrass the military into taking serious action.  Most mass media headlines this morning diverting the attention of the masses from serious stories, are about candidates supported by defense cheats, banksters and polluters who corporate media designate are the only ones who will be allowed in elections that will take place a year from now, because these candidates will, as do the corporate media, definitely sell out the American people’s desire to end the wars, get public health care, or whatever polling shows the American people clearly want in opposition to the interests of the 1%.

Corporate media don’t care because these young ladies are from the ranks of the poor and working class, not in the 1% or even the traditional middle class.  They are not daughters of professionals or sisters of business owners.  These victims are as ignored as the remains of military dead thrown into landfills, even as corporate media stick their microphones in front of anyone who will say “we support the troops” in their efforts to keep the wars as popular as possible on behalf of the profits of their owners, board members and advertisers.

We had to go to British news to find this excellent article by Lucy Broadbent on it this morning, including several videos bringing readers up to date about this outrage.

LUV News on Russian Election Fraud


More than 20,000 people have gathered in Moscow this morning and protests are also planned in other Russian cities about alleged fraud in the recent elections.

We’ve tried to follow this in LUV News and suspect there was fraud, but we can’t say that it was widespread at this time, and we don’t expect an internal investigation will support this (the investigation itself may, however, be flawed, as they are in the USA concerning major elections, so we don’t expect to ever know the truth).

However, there is a widespread belief in Russia that the elections were fraudulent, favoring Putin’s ruling United Russia party when the communist party actually got the most votes, the outrage leading to these protests.  No Russians apparently believe that any party got enough votes for ruling without a coalition.

Always eager to stir things up in Russia, our own Hillary Clinton, without evidence, has accused the Russian government of fraud, as though we didn’t have major charges of fraud in several of our elections since 2000.  Ironically, Hillary, a devout capitalist and Republican in her younger days, may be taking the side of the Communists, in her zeal to fuel disharmony in Russia.

Hillary’s State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland said yesterday in what has to be the mother of all hypocrisy, that the United States supported the right to peaceful protest in Russia as it does “anywhere in the world.”

That does not include opposing brutality against protesters here in the Land of the Free, where Hillary has no problem with tear gas or heads being bashed when it comes to shutting down occupy camps from sea to shining sea.  We haven’t heard a peep from her about the crackdown on the American Democracy Movement, and don’t expect to hear it before hell freezes over.

Mario Piperni Does Santorum

The Nasty Mr. Santorum

December 9, 2011 By

Here’s Mr. Family Values guy talking about what he’d do with illegal immigrants and their families.

“You can’t be here for 20 years and commit only one illegal act … because everything you’re doing while you’re here is against the law …” Santorum said. “I understand Congressman Gingrich saying, ‘Well, you know, people have been here and they’ve been good citizens and paying taxes.’ Yeah, under somebody else’s Social Security number because you stole it.”

Families should be broken up when the law is broken, which includes illegal immigration, he added.

Rick Santorum would have made a wonderful 17th century Inquisition judicator.

In the race to determine who of the GOP’s primary candidates is the nastiest and most heartless, Rick Santorum has just taken the lead.  Behind Santorum’s pious, holier-than-thou, Jesus-loves-you facade, there is something horribly ugly and callous about the man.  Breaking up families, illegal or not, when other solutions exist, is enough reason to pray that bible-thumping Rick never again holds political power of any kind.

Hey, Rick, Jesus would have been so proud of you.

On the bright side, all small-minded, gay-bashing, immigrant-hating Americans certainly have no shortage of politicians to support.  There’s an entire political party out there made just for them


This is worst than ugly.  Michele Bachmann sees no problem in dragging illegals on to buses in front of their children.

What the hell is the matter with these people?