LUV Newsletter and Corporate Control


Corporate Crime Reporter (CCR) has a great piece on the double standard of justice for corporations.

Using the Upper Big Branch mining disaster in April of 2010 as an example, CCR shows that despite evidence showing the corporation lied and covered up safety violations leading to the deaths of 29 miners, no corporate executive will be charged with a felony leading to prison time, as would happen to us peasants.

Corporations are allowed to get off, when they are caught killing their employes, with a cash settlement. Their executives consider it worth the risk of a fine as the cost of doing business, since fines don’t cut significantly into profits, and usually they get away with the safety violations so are rarely caught. There is little reason for them to care about safety of their workers. Even with these charges hanging over its head, Massey Energy was able to sell the mine to Alpha Natural Resources earlier this year, because Alpha executives knew they would be let off with a fine and allowed to continue to rake in massive profit, the only thing they care about.

Our corrupt Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people — people with a right to unlimited bribing of candidates for office (unlike mere humans who have campaign limits) and also apparently with a license to kill, as the laws continue to be applied.


Truthout reports this morning that the political group controlled and financed by the billionaire Koch brothers is boasting that it keeps politicians in line repeating the lie that global warming isn’t real, by threatening to “put them in peril” if they should support the environment rather than the 1%.

And billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is pushing new laws to make it easier to shut down internet sites which are not friendly to corporate greed at any cost to the public interest.

Corporate media consider Russia to be an enemy state, as is their role in our National Security State, which has been trying to restart the Cold War for about a decade, on behalf of the Nuclear Mafia branch of the ruling Forces of Greed. Of course, as with most of what our government does in foreign affairs, deception plays the key role — President Obama and his State Department pretend to want good relations with Russia, even as they encircle Russia with NATO members made from former Warsaw Pact nations and Soviet Republics combined with an ABM system strategic weapons experts tell us we would bomb if Russians tried to build it on our borders.

Corporate media accuse that the recent elections in Russia were fraudulent, censoring out that the Russian people want communism back — they are tired of watching the wealth concentrate into the hands of the greediest, most ruthless, and most corrupt — the capitalist model all over the world today. On Saturday large protests are expected by those who believe the elections were rigged on behalf of the ruling United Russia party. Mikhail Gorbachev has called on officials to annul the results of the vote.

The Russians never had communism, but had always planned to get there, officially. Meanwhile, they put a privileged class in charge, like our privileged class, and called it communism, as our economic system was called capitalism and both sides pretended to be opposites, just as the Democrats and Republicans claim to be somehow different, as they kneel beside each other kissing transnational corporate butt and selling out the American people to transnational investors who don’t give a damn about this country or its people.

Lenin had predicted that capitalism would become the globalist hell it is today in his piece “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.”

Lenin’s prediction was delayed as long as the world had a large socialist movement, because the ruling Forces of Greed in the capitalist world had to allow the workers to keep a bit of the wealth in order to dissuade them from becoming communists. When the USSR fell, that need no longer existed, and the capitalists set about their globalist schemes to supplant existing democracy with their secretive World Trade Organization, evading environmental laws, labor laws, and moving jobs to child labor, slave labor and prison labor to maximize profit, their only goal.

Of course the oligarchs in Russia, like the oligarchs here, want to keep things as they are, with the rich richer and everybody else going under or trying to keep from going under. Israel Shamir has the best piece we’ve seen on what’s happening in Russia today, here, and we think at LUV News this will impact what happens in the USA over the next decade.  —Jack

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